Farm Heroes Saga – Reward Program – Earn FREE Magic beans and Doggie Boosters!

 Have you taken advantage of the feature that gives you magic beans and boosters for FREE?!!

As far as I interpreter the graphics, we get FREE MAGIC BEANS and a doggie booster in Farm Heroes Saga for every five new gamer that we can get to try out the game. (There is a similar reward program in Bubble Witch Saga as well)


Also…! For free magic Beans in Farm heroes Saga you can search your wall or game feed. Whenever a friend beat your score they get an option to send you FREE MAGIC BEANS by posting a bragging post to your Timeline! I recommend the Game Feeds app to get through the MASSIVE nonsense feed from Farm heroes Saga whenever people pass level after level, with like 18 posts at a glance, it is fairly easy to see those bragging posts that contains personal FREE Farm heroes Saga Magic Beans for you. the amount of beans is a a nice amount of 500 magic Beans as the lowest spotted amount and goes up to 3000 magic beans. So those posts you should remember to post o help out your friends. As far as we here at the Blogging Witches website knows, those feed beans can not be used by anyone else than the Timeline owner taht just have been defeated. My best guess is that those post might be time limited to be used within a week.

Howto Earn FREE WISHES in Bubble Witch Saga (no cheat, legit from within the game)

Did you know? There is a Bubble Witch Saga reward program inside the game. You can earn FREE COINS and get some of those all too handy Wishes FOR FREE!


The feature that sends us free wishes from new friends that test the game was introduced around Halloween 2013 and have afterwords been changed to a permanent reward program. This is the graphics from the first time i encountered a free Wish. That time it was the Arcane bubble

Are you aware that there are COOL GIFTS coded into Bubble Witch Saga, you get either coins (3000 coins per new Facebook account that tries out Bubble Witch Saga via your invite. In Bubble Witch saga the rewards can also be those highly wanted FREE WISHES, mostly you get wishes and I must admit that it is a disappointment every time it is coins instead of Wishes there.

So..?! How do you invite your friend the proper way in order to earn the Bubble Witch Saga Goodies? 

That is the really realy easy part in Bubble Witch Saga, you just need to hit the green “invite all” button that you’ll get served right in the beginning when you load the game at Facebook. I use the mobile Bubble Witch Saga apps sometimes, but I haven’t seen this feature on my phone. It might be there anyhow, please COMMENT if you have seen it at your phone or on your Android / iPad tablet!

Earlier there were a reward in Bubble Witch Saga where you got 500 coins for every friend you invited, the reward was instant and your friends didn’t needed to answer the request in order for you to cash in. That one was probably a one time thingie. Since the information was locally stored, you could clean out your temp files or use another browser in order to invite the same frind over and over again and get 500 coins every single time!!!

I reported this to the Bubble Witch Saga team, but otherwise I and the other guy that knew about this secret kept it to ourselves. Sure, our website would have gained a lot of temporary cheers by going out with that glitch, but we want to play fair and assist our fellow bubblers with the game the way it is designed to be played. Well… Some small things that we come up with we share, but glitches and bugs go to the developers, exploits are tempting to shout out, but that they don’t really make the game any more fun. (Well, hihihi, ofcourse there are some glitches that are just hilarious, tihhihii. 8-) ) Do you have a bug to report for Bubble Witch Saga. Please feel free to do so at the Official Bubble Witch Saga Forums or in our unofficial Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group at  Facebook!