Facebook is storing YOUR Credit Card Number by default!

Avoid spending money on GOLD BARS by mistake

last_resort_will_cost_75sntThere is no harm spending a buck now and then on Bubble Witch Saga, but I think the spending have been made all to easy for us people that have limited resources of real money.

If you have bought coins/boosts/extra moves for Bubble Witch Saga even once, there is a huge probability that you have saved you billing information at Facebook.

Here is described how you remove/manage your billing information at Facebook with a PC or a Mac

Upper left on your Facebook Page

Upper left on your Facebook Page

Go to the upper right corner of Facebook, there you have an arrow. Click on the arrow and choose “Settings”, also remember to click on it! Then choose the “Payment”-link on the left side of the page, the straight link at the moment is https://secure.facebook.com/settings?tab=payments but you should really learn howto manage funds for your games for real rather than just bookmarking or trying to google this post back when you need to manage gold bar sources next time….

Choose manage to the right if you want to delete your credit card from facebook

Click to enlarge

If the row Payment methods announce that “You have 1 payment method saved.” or maybe even more, you can easily remove it by clicking the link “Manage” to the right.

If you want to have easy access for spending money at Facebook, you have the option to leave your payment information and the amount spent will automatically be withdrawn next time you want more bubbles, coins, lives, moves and every happy thing Saga Gold Bars can get you.

I got 50 FREE Gold Bars in Bubble Witch Saga!

Bubble Witch Saga New Levels at the Road Home, Crystal Caves

Level 416 to 425 have now opened up at Facebook, just ask 3 of your friends for help to break spells and you are good to go as soon they have answered.

Check out the Level Video For 416 by clicking this, consult the PLAYLIST for new Bubble Witch Saga Level vids that are being added to the Blogging Witches Youtube Channel!

FreeGoldBars11-small-no-textNew feature in Bubble Witch Saga introduce GOLD BARS!

The big news for me today was the Gold Bars, Candy Crush Saga and Pet Rescue Saga have recently received the Gold Bar feature and now it is being added to Bubble Witch Saga as well. :D

Remember that these gold bars can be obtained only within the game, no external site or Facebook Page that is promising you free Bubble Witch Saga Gold bars will be anything else than a scam.

Not all of us have the Gold Bar feature yet, and some that have received the gold bars have lost the gold bar icon soon after getting their free first fix of 50 gold Bars. If we look at how Candy Crush Saga Gold was introduced, we can assume that the gold bar feature including free gold bars soon will be available for all of us, so you just need to be patient, the gold bar feature will most likely be added to all accounts very soon!

Get FREE Gold and Lollipop Hammers in Candy Crush Saga!

Candy Crush Saga Campaigns Free Lollipops and 30 Gold Bars completely FREE

you got gold


The new Gold Bar system in Candy Crush Saga that have been in a soft release mode for a very long time seems now to be fully integrated to Candy Crush Saga. The game itself offers you 30 free Gold Bars, just play Candy Crush Saga at Facebook with a PC or Mac to get them! :D


try-out-papa-pearSeveral different offers to get free Lollipops are also available, you can get free lollipops by reaching a certain level in Papa Pear Saga or Pet Rescue Saga. You will need to wait for a prompt in Candy Crush Saga that offers you the Lollipops and USE THAT LINK to start the new games. If you start by your own, you will not get any Lollipops. Old players of those games do not get any free Lollipops either.

Yes, it is a bit unfair that old players don’t get Lollipops, but the King games are not fair. I am not sure we even would like them to be that? ;-)

Pet Rescue Saga is switching over to Gold Bars

No more Facebook Credits, use Gold bars in Pet Rescue Saga instead!

pet rescue saga free gold barsWithin a few days the Facebook Credits system as we know it is going to vanish. All Facebook Games will have to either stop selling stuff, get their own in game currency or change to get paid in national real life currencies. Hoop De Loop Saga and Bubble Saga will be taken down the 10th September because of this.

Don’t worry, you will still be able to redeem your gift cards and use Facebook Credits that you have obtained before the change. But you will no more be able to buy Facebook Credits. All of us have got a cool gift from King today. 30 Goldbars. That is the new pay-to-play currency in Pet Rescue Saga and the real life value of the golf bars is 3 US dollars.

Use these gold bars wisely, because the next set of gold bars you get will cost you real money!

I had to use 3 of my FREE GOLD BARS to unlock the new episodes, because we found out that the requests for help to enter 298 and up were converted to requests for lives instead. Watch this video for Pet Rescue Saga Level 298 to see how I used 3 gold bars to unlock the new episode after I had got help from 2 friends and people started to state that I hadn’t asked for tickets, only for lives…


Cheat/Hack for Free Pet rescue Saga Gold Bars?

My guess is that we will see scam attempts within 3-4 days that will promise you FREE Gold bars for Pet Rescue if you like this or that or fill in a survey. I can assure you the scammers will not give you any free gold bars, so just close the website page if you find such page. If it is a blogger/blogspot page or Facebook you can also report the pages to google or facebook.

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