Bubble Witch Saga 2 – money worth Tricks and Tips

This blog post is about playing Bubble Witch Saga 2, the witchiest Bubble Game so far!  Cats included! 

This is howto play Bubble Witch Saga 2:

Install the App at your iOS or Android tablet or phone or play directly at Facebook with your PC or Mac

bws2 start-match 3 bubblesYou must complete a stated goal to pass each level.

To begin you match three same colored bubbles to clear them.

You must have at least 1 star to pass but can acquire 3 stars with a higher score.
*NOTE*  If you have 1-3 stars and have NOT completed the goal you will not pass level!

How to Clear the Top bws2 clear top 6 bubblesin Bubble Witch Saga 2
bws2 clear top

To clear the top you need 6 holes in the ceiling.


Use the walls to reach high bubbles

Use the walls to reach higher bubbles



You can also use the walls to make bank shots (bend the shot) to reach ceiling. The ceiling will lower when you burst bubbles so that you in the end can see the ceiling of the Bubble Witch Saga Level you currently are playing. Sometimes there is a slight different on how many rows or hint of rows are visible at the same time time if you compare mobile and PC gaming, so if you have problems passing a level, try to install the game at any other kind of device! 8-)


How To Free the Ghost in Bubble Witch Saga 2
bws2 free ghostbws2 free ghost remove buubles

Goal: Free the ghost!

Fre the ghost in the middle by removing ALL bubbles touching the ghost.

This element was one of those we really miss from the Bubble Saga Game. The Bubble Saga Game was removed by King.Com when Facebook made their big change in the currency system alongside with Hoop De Loop and perhaps some that never got any gamers to mention.

 Tips and tricks for Bubble Witch Saga 2

Drop your bubbles on the different colored spiders to increase your score.  Green spiders yield highest points.

Drop bubbles on the NICE Spiders to increase points

Drop bubbles on the NICE Spiders to increase points

How to Save Animals in Bubble With  Saga 2!

Drop the bubbles with animals inside to save them.

Drop the bubbles with animals inside to save them.

bws2 save animals

Clear the bubbles around the animals to free them from the bubbles they are trapped in.

You do not need to drop the ceiling at Animal Levels, but sometimes the Bubble Witch Saga Devs have made it look like you would need to drop it. Tricky mind games they have three indeed! ;-)



How do you get the Hot Pot in Bubble Witch Saga 2? 
bws2 hot pot double score

After 6 successful shots in a row you will get Hot Pots which double your points when your bubbles are dropped. As long as you continue to make successful shots they will remain. They will disappear as soon as you miss or make a single shot.


bws2 unlocks
After you have completed a section of the map you will need to receive 3 unlocks to enter the next portion.  A popup will appear to ask your friends or pay with gold to pass. You can also wait the designated period of time seen at the top.


bws2 toolbarYou have 5 lives at the beginning of the game. You also have 50 gold bars. Both are located at top of screen.

When you lose a game you lose one life. You can continue to play until you lose all lives. Then you must request more from your friends or wait for the lives to regenerate.  The time that will take is shown beside the hearts.  You can also purchase lives with your gold.
You can request a life after loosing 1 life by clicking on the + beside the heart.  You will receive a popup where you can ask your friends.

bws2 ask freinds one lifebws2 ask freinds 5 lives
If you have lost all of your lives then you will receive a popup to request friends for lives.



**NOTE** Once all FREE gold bars are used you must purchase additional ones. You can purchase more by clicking on the + beside the gold bars.

You will receive responses as well as requests from other friends in your Messagesbws2 messages when you open your game.

You may also receive a popup to send lives to friends.

bws2 send livesYou can also send lives to friends by clicking on the red bws2 map hearts liveshearts on map.  If you have a stack of friends on a level just hover your mouse over the stack for them to unfold. Then you can click each heart.

INVITE FRIENDS to Play Bubble WItch Saga 2!

There are two ways within the FB version of Buble Witch Saga to invite friends to play the game.bws2 invite friends popup

You may receive a popup when you enter the game.  Or you can just go to upper right corner of screen and click on Invite.
The same popup will appear to invite friends.