Level 55, the way it was designed to be played

Starting Bubbles: 80
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Stars:
120 000, 140 000, 150 000
Recommended Magic Potions:
7 Extra Bubbles
Special Bubbles:

You need to drop the cluster of 3 Doom Skull Bubbles to the right very fast. Look at the picture to get what we mean! The picture also have a line marked on it, that is the lowest you can let the infection spread. If the infection spreads lower than that, you will not be able to see beyond the left side infection so you can know what  color bubbles you need to shoot there.
The second picture shows how it is supposed to be to get the clear sight to the left.  When the level rolls up:

Full Layout Pic Level 55

Full Layout Pic Level 55

Memorize two colors, the one bubble to the left above the infected bubble and the one to the right above the infected bubble. Then you can aim at them in the blind later on and clear all the infected  bubbles and the Doom Skull Bubbles by bursting the hidden bubble that you so nicely have in mind, that if you fail to clear the right hand side fast enough.
When you have dropped the infection and the skulls to the left, you will be able to see above the infection to the right!

You can also watch this 3 Star video on Youtube (no Charms).

Level 55 is so hard! How to get through level 55 with tools

It is not possible to get through level 55 if you do not see beyond the skull bubbles and the row of infected bubbles. It is therefor essential to try to stop the infection before it spreads to low underneath the skull bubbles. The infection you will have to deal with by your own, but we have a great cheat for people that do not want to purchase the Charm of scrolling!

Location for the Print Screen key

Here is the legit cheat for all of you that are stuck on level 55:

Use the Print Screen Key! This Admin successfully used it and managed to get through. (With  three stars actually!) As soon as you load level 55, you take a Print Screen and paste it in to Paint. Here is what to do, straight from Microsoft, Windows;

You can take a picture of what is on your screen by pressing PRINT SCREEN (PRTSC or PRTSCN on some keyboards). You can then paste the screen capture into Paint. Note! Some keyboards or mobile PCs that don’t have the PRINT SCREEN button might use other keyboard combinations, such as FN+INSERT, to take a screen capture.

Recommended screenshot addon for Chrome; https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/awesome-screenshot-captur/alelhddbbhepgpmgidjdcjakblofbmce?hl=en