Pepper Panic Saga Help FB Group – It means *something!*

Group Magic, Join our Pepper Panic Saga Help now and see it happen! 8)
Original Comment by Susan in the group, just written today about her struggle at Level 59:
Now I’m stuck at Level 59. There are only 3 friends who have done this level. How did you guys do it? only 16 squares , only 10 moves, and I need a Pepper Panic! I’ve gotten to an 8x chain reaction, maybe even a 9, but I haven’t yet gotten a Panic!! I’m also trying to do it without any boosts – partly cause I’m not sure that I know how to use them ; I’m hoarding them!
Any tips?

…just a short while later Susan answered her own thread:

OMG!! It just happened again! I just posted my frustration and the next game that I played, I got a Pepper Panic which completes the level! That means *something!*.

I sure agree, the two best ways and most fun ways to pass a level or to pass a level with GREAT score is to

a) beg, ask, nag for help or general whining. Both Pepper Panic Saga Help and GU! forums the Pepper Panic Saga section should work really good for this kind of luring out your skills.

b) try to explain the level to a friend or to a foreigner. That makes you shine more often than one would think is statistically possible! You don’t only feel like a wizard, you even seem to be one in the eyes of others! :D

If you want to believe in  Magic, just stop read now, lols, because I have some theories about how this Magic happen and I am gonna write the kitchen table psychological evaluation right NOW!

 a) It sure feels like magic, but there are a little less dramatic psychological factors behind it. Just by taking the break and writing down your frustration and what your problem is makes you focus on the problem that you need to solve. Since match 3 isn’t really brain surgery we can’t really tell how we think and how come we all the sudden SEE howto solve the problem.

b) We are a growing crowd of gamers that upload most of our successful games to Youtube and sometimes we get really bad critics, many viewers think that we rig the games somehow, but in our effort to both show off and try to play so that the viewers understand what we are doing and going for. We gain the score, the stars and sometimes even a lit bit of fame and glory.  Check out the Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches. At the upper right hand side you will also see a bunch of other popular channels that makes vids for all your beloved saga games! :D