FIREFOX – how to open multiple tabs at once

FIREFOX – how to open multiple tabs at once

Many of our members have been introduced to the Chrome Extension LINKCLUMP but what about all our members who don’t use Google Chrome?

The Answer – Firefox “Add On” called MULTILINKS.

Multilinks makes grabbing coins in one hit easy.  All you do is RIGHT CLICK (Wrong side of your mouse) around all the coins you wish to collect and they will automatically open all the links in a new tab.


Multilinks opens ALL your links in TABS AT ONCE.

Linkclump opens ONE link at a time with an interval set by you

So, if you go ahead and open more than ten tabs with Multilinks, depending on your computers size, you may crash the browser.  The default in the ADD ON is set at 40 links to open at once but just be careful when you do – a lot of computers will not handle that kind of load.

(I will note here that the ONLY browser I recommend for Facebook Gamers is Google Chrome.  Every developer on Facebook uses this as their primary browser when creating games and as such, is the easiest browser to trouble shoot.  If you would prefer to use Google Chrome you can install it here.  Then to use LINKCLUMP instead of the Fireworks ext MULTILINKS click here.) 


Once downloaded you will have to RESTART your browser to activate the ADD ON.

The ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS are the DEFAULT setting for Multilinks so there is no need to adjust your settings.

If you wish to adjust your ADD ON you need to go to the EXTENSIONS in FIREFOX and I have put screen shots below to direct you how to do this:

STEP ONE – Install Multilinks
STEP TWO – To view it in Firefox go to your ADD ONS as shown in the below diagram.

Step one


STEP 3 – RESTART Firefox

You can either CLOSE your browser and REOPEN it OR you can click on Restart Now as shown in the below diagram:

Step 2 Multilinks Instructions

After you have restarted the ADD ON or EXTENSION will look like this:

step 3

STEP 4 – To use Firefox Multilinks simply RIGHT CLICK (wrong side of your mouse) and DRAG to select the links you wish to open.

NOTE: The links will ALL OPEN AT ONCE in new tabs.  You have to physically CLOSE THEM yourself.

Multilinks Screen shot capturing links

ALSO NOTE:  The default number of tabs that Firefox Multilinks will open is 40 so if your computer cannot handle a load like this and you feel you may accidentally open too many tabs at once, go to your SETTINGS and change the default amount to 10:


1 – Go to ADD ONS –> EXTENSIONS –> MULTI LINKS –> OPTIONS.  Then in the GENERAL SETTING you will see that you can alter the number of tabs to open at once, as shown below:

How to alter settings


Then, change the DEFAULT Maximum number of links to a number that you are comfortable with.  I would recommend no more than 10.

If you want to use the CHROME EXTENSION instead CLICK HERE.  

 I will note here that the ONLY browser I recommend for Facebook Gamers is Google Chrome.  Every developer on Facebook uses this as their primary browser when creating games and as such, is the easiest browser to trouble shoot.  If you would prefer to use Google Chrome you can install it here.  Then to use LINKCLUMP instead of the Fireworks ext MULTILINKS click here 


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New Pet Rescue Saga Levels AND new features!

New Pet Rescue Saga Levels!

Pet Rescue Saga Level 345

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I am so excited again, we have NEW LEVELS in Pet Rescue Saga!

I am uploading the new Level vids (343 – 357) to our Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches, and will insert coin links into ALL 15 DESCRIPTIONS! So use the links in the descriptions to enter the game and you’ll get coins at the same time! :D

As it have became a tradition to launch a series of new level COINS for Pet Rescue  Saga, we will have coins for you in several different 1-click buttons the incoming days. =) The first SPECIAL 1-click for NEW LEVELS will be launched when the Level vid for 345 has 10 likes or dislikes at Youtube. =) Keep yourself updated with new vids and coins by liking and tick to get notifications for our Unofficial Pet Rescue Saga Fans Facebook Page! :D

I am not sure if it is now, but anyway, the paint brushes in the game now takes one move to use, I had a hard time to complete Level 347 before i realized that is the case. Another change that this feature release of Pet Rescue Saga brought us is that the gmae ends when you have rescued all pets. So you need to time your matches and save the last pet until the end, if you want to max up your score!

Discuss the new levels in the GU! forums and in our Pet Rescue Saga Help Group!



Pet Rescue Saga is switching over to Gold Bars

No more Facebook Credits, use Gold bars in Pet Rescue Saga instead!

pet rescue saga free gold barsWithin a few days the Facebook Credits system as we know it is going to vanish. All Facebook Games will have to either stop selling stuff, get their own in game currency or change to get paid in national real life currencies. Hoop De Loop Saga and Bubble Saga will be taken down the 10th September because of this.

Don’t worry, you will still be able to redeem your gift cards and use Facebook Credits that you have obtained before the change. But you will no more be able to buy Facebook Credits. All of us have got a cool gift from King today. 30 Goldbars. That is the new pay-to-play currency in Pet Rescue Saga and the real life value of the golf bars is 3 US dollars.

Use these gold bars wisely, because the next set of gold bars you get will cost you real money!

I had to use 3 of my FREE GOLD BARS to unlock the new episodes, because we found out that the requests for help to enter 298 and up were converted to requests for lives instead. Watch this video for Pet Rescue Saga Level 298 to see how I used 3 gold bars to unlock the new episode after I had got help from 2 friends and people started to state that I hadn’t asked for tickets, only for lives…


Cheat/Hack for Free Pet rescue Saga Gold Bars?

My guess is that we will see scam attempts within 3-4 days that will promise you FREE Gold bars for Pet Rescue if you like this or that or fill in a survey. I can assure you the scammers will not give you any free gold bars, so just close the website page if you find such page. If it is a blogger/blogspot page or Facebook you can also report the pages to google or facebook.

SHARE THIS POST to tell your friends about the scams that we can wait for, so they don’t need to be trapped.

New Levels, new feature, new coins!

Bubble Witch Saga New Levels in Shadow Realm

We are happy, happy, happy!

Finally are the mini games fixed, we can play for coins in the wall feed again! :D A new intresting feature have been added, you can send 3 bubbles to your friends, those extra bubbles hopefully will help you pass Level 287, it is Level 117 ALL OVER AGAIN and you’ll run out of bubbles more than once, that much I can promise you!


Here you can watch the first new Level videos of Bubble Witch Saga and Pet Rescue Saga, keep an eye on the Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga to get a look at the new videos as soon they are added. :D

Classic Strategy Video for 286 Bubble Witch Saga

Classic Strategy Video for 287 Bubble Witch Saga

Classic Strategy Video for 288 Bubble Witch Saga

Level 118 in Pet Rescue Saga. new for today. :)

Many of us got a lot of coin sacks today, the mount you get for star have been decreased, but there are more sacks available now, then before, if you haven’t played all the game yet, the total amount is smaller though.