Farm Heroes Saga Level 742

Level Help, Tricks, Strategies and Video Cheat Peaks for Farm Heroes Saga Level 742

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Farm heroes Saga Level 742, requirements: Collect 6 shells and 75 each of red, green and blue cropsies.

Level 742 is hard, because you have just 10 moves to play with.

Suggest for companion: the Orangutang Hitter, since it break shells.

Strategy Tips and Tricks for Farm Heroes Level 742 below the DEMO solution video walkthrough.

Having 3 shovels available when you are loading level 742 is smart, because they can be used successfully when 4 or less moves left either to pick off bomb suns or removing shells. If you manage to remove suns and shells in time, the shovels is very handy for getting any of the other needed cropsies collected. For some reason water drops are hardest to collect at Farm Heroes Saga Level 742.

If you are gonna make matches in either lower sides, do it as fast as possible in the game, you really don’t want suns opr shells down there, because they are fairly hard to match beside or to match overall for yellow cropsies at level 742. So by keeping your gameplay tight at the grass in the middle you will have much more potentials passing level 742.

Earlier Farm heroes Saga Level 742 had 12 moves for us to game on with, but now it is only 10, the strategy is the very same though.

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 191 – HOW TO MAKE EGGS

Farm Heroes Saga Level 191 – HOW TO MAKE EGGS

At Level 191 the adult chickens are introduced. Chickens lay eggs. They lay an egg whenever you make a match beside a chicken.

The chicken can also be scared to lay an egg. Scare the chicken by using a shovel. Hit the chicken in the head with the shovel and it will lay an egg.


We have two different video sfor you about Level 191, one to show the ordinary way to make eggs and a sconds one (the lower here in post) that shows how the choicken lys eggs and even crack it when we hit it good with a shovel booster.

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