Technical problems, collecting issues

[edit September 2012] Plese also read the updated version for tech issues. It will always have the latest fixes and bugs listed. or, if you got a mobile device, go straight to The iPhone/iPad troubleshooting guide.

There seems to have been made changes to the game that let us collect coins from only one post / person. So you would like to wait for 250/500 coin post until you go and collect.

The best way to get coins right now seems to be by sending hearts to your gaming friends and hope that they send you 100 coin/life back. The problem with this is that some people don’t return this favor, because they get the life even if they use the X to close the dialog and not send you anything back.

There are over 100 inputs in the discussion about collecting coins and the problems with that at  the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group at Facebook, please feel free to join us!

There have also been javascript issues the past 10 hours, so you can not request stuff in the game. This is a Facebook issue, not this particular game. This seems to be fixed now.

25 thoughts on “Technical problems, collecting issues

  1. A new problem tonite. I got the rainbow potion and used it in level 88 but nothing happened. It took my coins and used the3 chances but the balls didn’t change color so I lost my coins. What can I do?

    • If you can repeat this behavior, you should definitely contact the support. If you can not, think it as an extra obstacle from the game.

  2. rainbow potion dont changr the coulor of you bubbles you can use 2 per game is onthe right site if you need iy you clickit it let you you to shoot any colours you like

  3. and yes now sending lives it realy worth it i get about 100,00 in 3 days not a chance i can use that much in one day and second thing now the heart reset fester almost every time you go on game they are red

  4. I cannot get past level 37 even though I am getting higher points than that needed.

    Have passed the needed points over 6 times and still it will not allow me to go to the next level

  5. It will not let me play the game I can load it up but can not get any gifts and the dashes that shows how far you have gone aret not there so it will not let me play

  6. although I can open up the bubble witch saga site I cannot get on to play. I am on level 37 and have never had this problem before…I can click and click and nothing happens…the blasted birds all still fly around on the map but nothing else. Anybody know why?

    • Have you tried to switch to full screen and play? You find the switch at your upper left hand in the game.

  7. I have a problem getting bubble witch saga to load as the page keeps telling me that…..The connection to was interrupted. tried all of the recommended things but still cannot get into it.

    • Free lives is just so much okey! :D This is just might affecting so few users, that you don’t need to feel guilty even if you don’t report this bug. ;-)

  8. I completed level 10 on Eternal Isle 11 and got 2 stars and then it said that the connection had been dropped and to re-start the game. I did and completed the same level again with 2 stars. The same thing came up saying the connection had been dropped. What is going on??

    • This is one of the known issues at the moment. King.Com is well aware of it and working on a fix. They hope to have a fix available very soon.

  9. Hi All, I had just completed level 75 and as the game switched screens to show the level was completed I got a pop up saying ” I lost connection to please reload the page” That is the only option it gives me. I have rebooted computer, cleared cache, and i still get the lost connection. I usually play on google chrome, but tried internet explorer and the problem exist there also. Lastly i went to facebook’s app and totally removed bubble witch and all its activity and reloaded it and still got the problem. Can you please share some info on what this could be. Thanks for you time

    • Sorry, I am as clueless as you. :( I suppose it is related to the loading issues with Eternal Isles that is affecting a lot of the players.

  10. i’m playing the game for a long time, never had any problems, untill now.
    I completed level 185, trying to get to the next world, by asking friends to help me.
    I get the pop up window, but it’s blank, just the loading bar that keeps loading and loading, but no names appear., in Firefox and in Google Chrome (started using Chrome, hoping to continue playing, but unfortunateley).
    Playing the game (previous levels) isn’t a problem, it’s just the pop up window, asking to select one or more friends to help, that isn’t loading properly/at all.
    Thank you for your help. :-)

    • Glad to see I’m not the only having this issue and getting no answers. It’s getting overly frustrating.


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