The Blogging Witches are moving

Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site is switching host this weekend

Since there have been problems with mysterious and unannounced downtime for the Blogging Witches, (… server issues noted especially Monday mornings?!! What teh..?!!) The Witches assume it is an evil curse from some shadow lords and his serving ghosts. This can not be resolved by playing levels so the Witches have packed the files and database tables on their broomsticks and fly them over to a better and more reliable server as you read this.

There shouldn’t be any visible change to you reading Witches. The commenting is shut down until every single witch get the web site served to them from the new residence though. You Witches can comment at my FB Page, in the GU! Forum or in the BWS Fan Site Group to keep in touch with the Blogging Witches.

MEOW and Happy Bubbling!

// the Baroness.

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