the Road Home is now passing by the Razor Peek. (Level 356 and UP!)

the Road Home: Bubble Witch Saga Razor Peek is OPEN NOW!

256-detail-youtubeBubble Witch Saga Level 356, the first new level 8th July at Monday Morning is tricky to get that third star on. As you can see in the video walkthrough I had to use charms AND ALSO(!) aim against a linked bubble right after having obtained a green spider to gain that extra green spider that let me score enough for the third star.

Since we know that Bubble Witch Saga is developed mainly by a team working at he Stockholm offices, I can nothing else than once again salute you guys and girls for your excellent work morale and superb ability to come up with some new twists all the time! Swedish people in general aren’t really known for that, so you alongside the Candy Crush Saga team are the best (and probable most talked about) visit cards that Sweden could have ever dreamed of.

Long live ABBA and the King! ;-)

Coins spent for me at Level 356: 3*3250 (had to try 3 times using aall the potions every time) + 100 and + 100 and + 250 =
– 9300 coins.

But djee, do I look worried? :-) Noups, not this time, cause now we’ll get some more coins directly from within the game again! :D

You can guess that I therefor am happy on all of us bubbler’s behalf for the cool surprise for 10000 coins if I invite 20 of my friends. These campaigns can be dangerous though. :lol: I remember back in the days when we started out our facebook Gaming Carriers with Mafia Wars… Some of my gamer friends had more than 15 accounts in order to be able to get all benefits from campaigns faster.

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