Thursday 02/16/12 new features and levels!

This is an exciting picture from Bubble Witch! I bet it is a new Charm, don’t you think?! I wonder what Magic it will add to the game? A shield and golden wings. Will it make the Spiders fly?

I think that there are going to be some new kind of Special Bubbles, that we can get help with, if we have this new Charm. Tomorrow we’ll see!

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UPDATE: New levels 1st March 2012.

Developer of Bubble Witch Saga working

If you don’t think you are up for the new levels without coins, please check this post about ALL coins! There are plenty of coins for everybody, if we all work together!

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16 thoughts on “Thursday 02/16/12 new features and levels!

    • I am wondering exactly the same! New levels have been late once before, but only for one day. I can wait for one day. I am pretty sure that Bubble Witch talked not only about new features, but also about new levels, but I’ll go double check his/her messages from the FB-Page.

  1. You would think the developers would be ahead of the game they know the players are blowing through these levels once they finished 155 they should be working on the next where is level 156?

    • I really think the same way as you, Bonnie, on this one! Players are actually making up games and tricks upon the game on their own. Howto get coins and hearts for free brings in NADA to to King.Com and it benefits those players in the future. The same players that would be just sweeping through levels if there were more of them.

  2. I am totally disgusted with the developers of Bubble Witch Saga for launching a game when it is only half finished !!!! We have had to wait 2 to 3 weeks for new levels before. Then we were told Level 156 was going to be out on Thursday 16 of Feb and that never eventuated. What is the use of replaying and getting more coins etc., if there is not going to be any more levels. There is no benefit that I can see from doing that!!
    The game is over! :-( :-(

    • All the successfull online games these days are launched and then further developed if there are lots of players. The monetizing smart thing might be to make a BWS 2, but I am not sure I personally will follow on to another game, even if there wouldn’t be any more levels in this original BWS.

      • Even if they are launched and then further developed, it shouldn’t take so long for them to have the next lot of levels ready.
        I agree with you about not following on. I am sick of waiting, waiting. But some players have gone back to start at the beginning. I really enjoyed the playing the game when they had the levels – but I am going to call it quits now.

  3. not a thingis this is ferly knew game so just new players woul come they dont care who almost finish they care who begen the game onltt new players gone by charms

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