TIPS & TRICKS for Farm Heroes Saga

TIPS & TRICKS and Basic Strategies for Farm Heroes Saga

farm heroes saga
Farm Heroes Saga a cute little adventure on Facebook! The Game is a match 3 game with a twist of adorable graphics of animals.

These innocent animals have been disturbed by Rancid the Raccoon for a long time and they need you to help them drive away Rancid so that they can live in a peaceful and free environment.

Farm Heroes Saga gives you a simple and clean interface. On the top from left to right there is a red heart-shaped icon, a green bean icon and a gold bar icon which show you the lives, magic beans and gold you possess respectively. Following the icons are five slots displaying the available boosters. Life is recharged every 30 minutes. The first few levels are very easy. But later the levels get pretty challenging.

At the beginning of a level, you will be given goals that you need to achieve to pass the level. On the left side of the screen, you see how many of which kind of fruit is requested. Once you have collected enough of one element, focus on collecting the rest of the other fruits.

You may need to collect flowers when only flower buds are available. You have to make them blossom into full-size flowers by matching three besides them several times. Obviously, it will cost you more moves.

When you find it’s too difficult to level up, it’s when the regenerating Farm heroes Saga boosters come into use. The boosters are unlocked one by one as the game progresses. The first three you’ll get are a shovel, a tractor and a bonus reward booster. You’re allowed to use them for free several times every day, except for the shovel, that you can buy with magic beans, 3 shovels each time,  use them for every level you play!

Keep it n mind that matching and collecting fruits that are not requested don’t give you any points, so try to focus mainly on elements requested. Earning a higher star rank will also give you more magic beans, which really come in handy when you’re fighting Rancid the Raccoon. For flowers keep an eye on how the patterns around the flowers are changing and make strategy of further 2 or 3 steps in mind, so that you can use the flower tiles.


During the game you can also recruit animals for Farm club. This will help you to get power ups. At some points you need to fight Rancid the Raccoon and a “Boss Fight”. Your aim is to make matches with as many collectible fruits as possible. In the Boss Levels there are no particular goals but you have to make Rancid’s health to 0% to win the levels.

Here are some basic tips that you should follow while playing Farm Heroes Saga:
• Check if there is a chance of making a 4 or 5 fruit combo match. If so, make that match.
• Try to make matches with numbered fruits.
• Check if you need a considerable amount extra of one fruit over the other. For instance, if you need 10 apples and 3 strawberries, match the apples.
• Try to make combos in the bottom part of the level so that same kinds of fruits get closer.
• Check if by matching fruits you don’t have to collect, you can give at least two bonus numbers to collectible fruits around them. If so, make that match.
• When you’re taking some time to make a move, fruits might wiggle as a suggestion. These are normal matches, but not always the best possible ones. So be sure to check for better matches first.

Stay with us for more game tips and strategies for Farm Heroes Saga. Play more and discover this farm adventure now.

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