Today you can get access to Eternal Isles 9

Really exciting stuff seems to be planned. Tournaments to Win Charms seems to be coming if the Witch Country News are to be believed!!!

Millions of players are disappointed though as the new levels are Pay-To-Play Levels. (See video below) You also need to have paid open the earler Eternal Isle 8 Levels for 12 FB Credits.

First time ever we now got an Ingame Announcement that sets the Launch Date for some levels, the News tells us that Eternal Isles 10 will be available Wednesday may 30.

Many Players also have got the Charm of Foresight as a taste for 24 hours at one level.

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3 thoughts on “Today you can get access to Eternal Isles 9

  1. wonder how many people you will now lose playing the game, having to pay to get to next levels….disappointing was a great game

  2. Shame they have got greedy maybe the loss of people no longer playing will encourage them to not charge. I wont pay and will check every so often until I cant be bothered with Bubble witch anymore. Hopeful will find some other game to become excited about

  3. This sucks so bad, they had me paying for eternal island 8 but we have to pay for 9 too!? Screw this game…

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