Travel through the Shadow Portal if you dare to!

Level 171 – Level 175 in Bubble Witch Saga are out!

If you are a friend of Radu Daiel Opincari, you have a bigger challenge for the crowns than other players. ;-) Thank you Radu for the dazzling Pic!

They take place in the Village Cottage, just as the very first levels and the original Bubble Witch game did, but now the Cottage have been invaded with all the obstacles you have learned to hate in Witch Country. As for now there are five more levels in the brand new Shadow Realm and they provide great opportunities to compete with your friends for highscores, as they have lots of bubbles that gives you MAJOR possibilities to make green Spiders with the help of the Rainbow Bubbles, some math or/and Charms. You will find this green Spider help article particular useful, if you haven’t yet figured out the secret with green Spiders. :) We sure need those green Spiders now! 8D

Eternal Isles have also got a new Isle 21 and EI 20 is open for everybody to ask friends to help them break spell, so that they can play.

I haven’t surveyed around how it is according to all the loading issues that have been going on, but I got greetings from Luna Bubblewitch at King.Com that the devs indeed have found the problem and that there probably will be a fix soon. That message I got four hours ago, I hope it is “soon” already! ;-) So go in there to Witch Country and Shadow realm and please tell me if your gaming experience have improved!

Known bug fix: the hearts turns into green ticks as they should. Thank you King.Com for the fix!

Whenever new stuff is implemented there can be old stuff on your local computer, so you might want to clear out your temporary files before you start your hard core Bubble session! 8D


7 thoughts on “Travel through the Shadow Portal if you dare to!

  1. I traveled into the Shadow Realm and have completed all 5 levels available there so far – sadly I cannot go back and have lost the chance to send lives and coins to my friends who are left behind. A friend sent me a mail to ask if I had given up the witches as I had been lost from his screen when I moved on. Can anyone tell me how I can go back so I can continue to add more stars to some of my older levels…………

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