Water Splash game walk-through by the Blogging Witches

Water Splash game – review, videos and walk-through by the Blogging Witches

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While waiting on new levels in all King’s games, Blogging Witches decided to try something new – Water Splash game – created by CooksApps that you may know better from games Pengle or Buggle.

Water Splash is basicly game of balloons – you need to match them, collect, defeat some animals, save some duck – all with removing and matching balloons with the same color.

balloons  lv 1


Maybe word “new” isn’t the correct one as after playing 20 levels in Water Splash game I couldn’t help noticing so many similarity like we can see and play in King’s games. I would say, Water game is mix of Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga and Diamond Digger Saga with little touch of Pepper Panic Saga.

In Water Splash game we have 5 kinds of levels: removing/collecting bubbles, saving ducks,splashing water, clear all soils and defeating the boss. I have to say this is only from first 20 levels, not sure if there is more in higher levels :)

Like in Candy Crush Saga or/and Farm Heroes Saga games made by King, in Water Splash game you can make matches making T and L letters, the Collor balloon matching 5 in a row and classic 4 in a row matches. One thing is different with those combos is,when you make any of mention above, it clears a line asap and leaves you one combo on the board – for me that’s like 2 combos not one.

All this gets me to think – are games on Facebook dumed to have only 3 match games – didn’t you notice that also? Can’t we expect something new in the future?

In Water Splash game there are many boosters also, I didn’t descover all for now of course, but so far in first Water Splash 20 levels I got 5 boosters that you can also “buy” with coins you collect while playing. Hmmm it just hit me to add one more game from the King – Pet Rescue Saga where you also can collect coins.



Water Splash boosters: 

2 3

Booster DART can burst any piece on the board. 

5 - dart


Match 5 ballons in a row to get SPECIAL COLOR BALLOON booster:

5 in a row lv 4 5 in a row picthe color balloon


Matching 4 in a row on any balloon of a same colors wili give you some nice combos:

4 balloons lv 2

special combos - splashers


T shape  lv 3 t and l shape lv 3

















Boosters CROSS BALLOON and 5 EXTRA MOVES you can unlock in first 10 levels:

booster cross balloon boosters 5 extra moves






Defeating the CROCKERS BOSS or saving the RUBBER duck or collecting the balloons – which is the best for you ;)


crocker boss lv 9

No one can forbid you to imagine defeating your real boss like I did think of my boss while playing main Blogging Witch Peetra ;) Love you boss! :)


the Rubber duck lv 11collect balloons

If you want to check gameplay made by the Blogging Witches, our playlist on YouTube, just CLICK on the link below – we will make and publish videos – all to help you on your way on passing levels in Water Splash game faster.


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Ok that’s me signing of and going back to playing Water Splash game, so far 30 levels are done and dusted…. or shell I say SPLASHED ;)

Good luck everyone!

Yours truly Blogging Witch Lea.