Water Splash game – boosters guides

Water Splash game – boosters guides, by the Blogging Witches



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Water Splash game has nice sets of boosters that you can “buy” with coins you earn in the game

4Earn coins by finishing a level – you can get up to 300 coins for 3 stars and you can share extra 100 coins with your friends on your Facebook walls. After you finish one stage, you will get 1000 coins as a reward.

You can also play daily spin every day and get some free booster:

water message center ranking

In Water Splash game we also have ranking – if you click on top 3 friends on your list – you will collect coins:





On this picture you can see how many coins you need to buy one of the boosters

the color balloon

The Color Balloon is something like color bomb in Candy Crush Saga game from King – think many of you tried that game ;)


5 - dart

With a dart you can remove any piece that is on your way



boosters 5 extra moves

Start your game with 5 extra moves

booster cross balloon

You will get one Cross Balloon at the beginning of the game.