Wave and WIN 1 of 10 sets of wishes!

Do the wave in the Bubble Witch Saga Forums and win Wishes

wishes-bubbble-witch-sagaCome PLAY a forum game at the new Bubble Witch Saga forums King.Com have set up for us!


the 50 first wavers will be placed into a Lottery where you can WIN one of ten sets of WISHES of personal choice.  The Wishes are sponsored by King.Com.

CONTEST HAVE ENDED, but playing forum games is always fun, so you can keep waving as much as you want, writing in the wave is a good way to test the forum features.

The winners will be contacted per email. Since the email will contain the word Lottery there is a risk that it is in your spam folder, so check for an email from peetra.mammapappa@gmail.com :)

Winning Numbers in Lottery:lottery-numbers
A wish in Bubble Witch Saga is a Magic Feature that will give you one use of a Charm feature when activated. They are used whenever you play a level from the right hand side.

The rules are simple;

Answer the WAVE in the forums,
then come back here and
comment on this post with your username at the forums.

If you are within the first 50 to be in the wave in both ends you got a 20% chance to WIN WISHES in Bubble Witch Saga! A lottery Number requires both a forum post in the forum game and a comment on this post.

Share this post with your friends to get them into the wave.

This way we get a fun wave that goes back and forward from here to the forums back here!

You need to register at the forums in order to participate in the wave.

The Winners will be announced with a new post and updated in this post and contacted by email. You can bookmark this post to find your way back.

The email addresses entered as comments on this post will not be published, they will be used to get in touch with the winners of the WISHES with further instructions on howto receive the wishes.

A number will be assigned to your entry and I’ll use the Lottery machine at tumba15.net to find a winner. Only one entry per nose you own is allowed, no matter how many accounts you have.

This contest is to be considered as private arranged by this website (about this website) and is following Finnish law.

The winner is drawn from e-mail addresses, if I can’t get a respond at the email within 96 hours, the set of WISHES returns into a pot for any later lottery.

You can get only one lucky number.

Nor the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site or the King.Com Bubble WItch Saga forums can not be held responsible for entries lost.

People with moderator status either here at this website or at the King.Com forums can participate in the wave, but they will not get a Lottery entry.

If you are within the first 50 to be in the wave in both ends you got a 20% chance to WIN WISHES in Bubble Witch Saga! A lottery Number requires both a forum post in the forum game and a comment on this post.

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105 thoughts on “Wave and WIN 1 of 10 sets of wishes!

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  2. sending a wave and a shaka from Maui……don’t know if the first entry went through, sorry
    Lottery Entry for Wishes: #37

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  4. For some reason, my waves aren’t showing up either!
    So, here’s a double wave! \o/

    Nickname: cicarox
    Lottery Entry for Wishes: #28

  5. I waved there, I’ll wave here. I wave like a beauty queen and the Queen .
    Lottery Entry for Wishes: #28

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