What are Facebook Credits and gift cards?

6a013480158c06970c015434d24c99970c-800wiIMPORTANT! All claims that you will get free Facebook credits worth a lot of money just by doing surveys have so far turned out to be scams. If you see anything that claims that you can get like 2000 Free Facebook Credits, if you just “like” and/or “share” and/or fill in “a short survey” I guarantee you that it is a scam. Liking stuff at some places can however get you up to 5 Facebook Credits and the best paying survey I have seen so far gave me 23 Facebook Credits. Once I even got ~ 170 Free facebook Credits by registering at a service. After I had registered I claimed my FB credits and unregistered.

Read more about Facebook Credit Scams at King’s Official Bubble Witch Saga Forums.

If you are interested in obtaining FREE Facebook Credits have a look at GU!’s offers as legit working offers, the big money usually require both registration and depositing or buying something. 10 GU! coins equal 1 Facebook Credit.

breaking_-facebook-to-enter-into-partnership-with-friendster-buyer-mol-globalFacebook Credits are a currency used only on Facebook. If you are an app maker you will get 70% of the amount paid to Facebook for any in-app purchase unless you have managed to negotiate a custom deal aside the standard agreement.

One Facebook Credit equals 0.10 $US and is therefore costing a different amount of money depending on where in the world you are buying or stating to Facebook that you are. Sometimes it can be very lucrative to have facebook believing that you are somewhere else, depending on the strength of the currency you will pay in. You can also choose a currency in your payment settings on Facebook, but neither that nor lying to Facebook where you are staying can guarantee that you will be billed in a specific currency.

Facebook Credits will disappear as obsolete.

Facebook is transitioning all Canvas game developers away from Facebook Credits to local currency payments by September 12, 2013.
According to Facebook this will simplifies the purchase experience, improve the performance of the payment flow, and make it easier for developers to price virtual goods for a global audience. For more information, please see the local currency payments overview at Facebook.

Facebook Credits are also available as Digital Gifts

62928_442726234886_69996_nFacebook Games eCards are a way to gift items in games on Facebook. Whether you’re looking to speed up your progress or play more games with friends, the Facebook Games eCard works across thousands of games.

  • Facebook Games eCards are currently available as $5/10$/15$/25$ items.
  • Can be Redeemed instantly and used in thousands of games on Facebook including all King games.

The recipient of the eCard will receive an email with a PIN number.

To redeem an eCard just enter the PIN number at www.facebook.com/giftcards/redeem and start using the Facebook balance instantly.

Usage of the eCards constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions:
This eCard may be redeemed on Facebook only by persons age 13 and older. To redeem this eCard, visit www.facebook.com/giftcards/redeem. Internet access is required (separate fees may apply). The full value of this eCard is deducted at PIN entry. No incremental deductions are allowed. This eCard is not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund, exchanged, or resold (except where required by law). The date of issuance of this eCard is the date of purchase shown on your sales receipt. No refunds or credits will be provided for lost, stolen, or destroyed eCards, or for eCards used without permission. Use of this eCard is governed by the Facebook Payments Terms, which are available at www.facebook.com/payments_terms and subject to change from time to time without notice to the extent permitted by law. Protect this eCard like cash. This eCard is issued by Facebook Payments Inc., a Florida corporation.
Sources: Facebook and Wikipedia

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  3. I got a 25 dollar Facebook. Card and don’t no how to use it on my game farm saga heroes to get any beans need some help

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