Where does the sets of 10 FREE GOLD BARS really come from?

Bubble Witch Saga NEW Eternal Isles Levels (51) and NEW levels at the Road Home (446 – 455)

free-goldHi there all of you Bubble Witch Saga Addicts!

I have finally got a clue of where my free Bubble Witch Saga GOLD BARS seem to have came. I have got 3 sets of free gold bars for 10 gold bars each the past month and I believe that it might be a feature that adds gold bars to your account when you get help from your friends with unlocking the new levels. At least the attached screen cap indicates that. However, I DID NOT get any gold bars when that screen cap was made, but earlier today I got 10 gold bars, but no message about it. My guess is that the gold bars earlier today MAYBE was because of unlocking the new episode at the Road Home with the help of my friends.

a-giftI also got a free scroll, that one did got added at the same time as I got the message, so that is always a plus. :D Thank you Bubble Witches! <3 

I haven’t yet started to make the none charm vids for Eternal Isles 51, but as usual I will upload them to our Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches, at the moment I am working on the 3 stars vids for the Main Saga levels, below are the first 3 vids. =)

Did you get a gift from the Witches? Have you received any FREE COLD BARS after the first 50 freebie golds? COMMENT BELOW VIDS!

Happy Bubbling!
// Mainewil.

Bubble Witch Saga Level 446

Bubble Witch Saga Level 447

Bubble Witch Saga Level 448

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