Wall feed doesn’t show Bubble Witch Saga posts [Workaround to post coins]

Hi there! Where have all the pictures of Wilbur gone?

I am not certain that everybody has this problem, but I have found out that we are quite many that can’t see the posts that people post to the wall feed at Facebook with coins for 10, 25, 100, 250 or 500 coins.

If your friends have this problem and you still want to share coins with them, you need to post the coins as a normal status update.

You play as usual and click “continue” and “share” at the green buttons, but before you share the facebook post you right click at the text that says “100 coins for free” (or 10, 25, 250 or 500 coins). Then copy it. Then you go to your wall and post it as a normal status update. Include the amount of coins that you are sharing, so your friends now. :*)

This way you also have the post for your self to click on, the post on your own wall are good for up to 3 clicks made by yourself!  That can be up to 1500 coins!!!

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Wilbur is back now. :)

Share Coins

To Share coins with friends is a bit trick right now. Here you need to click share.

Right click at the link and copy it. Then post it as your status.

10 thoughts on “Wall feed doesn’t show Bubble Witch Saga posts [Workaround to post coins]

  1. Is this something that FB has changed, or is it something new with the game itself? Either way, it’s a pain in the rear.

    • Your guess is as good as mine. I haven’t really got my friends into sharing coins this way yet, but if it isn’t fixed soon, I hope they will. :) I am afraid that Bubble Witch Sagas popularity will fade greatly in just a few days, when people notice that they really have to start buying free coins if they want magic Potions. Maybe King.com can lower the price for Magic Potions, if the FB-app-sync can’t be fixed fast.

  2. I haven’t spent any $$ on potions and most likely will not. I am still not sure just what the coins do for you? Can someone explain, please?

    • Oh, so it isn’t fixed for everybody yet?
      First: Go through your privacy settings for the app Bubble Witch Saga and if they are in order;
      Hit the report-link at the bottom of the app and send the devs a bug rapport. Until it is fixed you probably have to use the workaround.

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