Wilbur’s shop is gone from Facebook

Hi there bubblers!

With Wilbur’s shop gone at facebook, the tournaments from within the game are also obsolete, but we’ll still have our own tournaments ofcourse. ;-) Next one is scheduled in the Bubble Witch Saga Happy and Fun group for this incoming weekend. :) The group is really really multi lingual, you can write in your own language and use a translator to catch up with other’s writings.

magic-potionsOne great thing happened when the charms disappeared, anyone that have unlocked the option to buy 4 Magic Potions now can do so without the annoying “Buy a charm” thingy popping up when you try to buy the fourth.

The charms are still available in the mobile version, so if you have that option, you can go and buy your charms that way before the next mobile update(that is scheduled quite soon as far as I have understood stiff right)

It is really hard to maintain the daily posts with the level walkthroughs, so I decided to try to make more daily posts, but not always with the walkthrough, but with news, tips and tricks. :)

Join the Bubble Witch Saga fan Site group to get walkthroughs for the daily levels, the Big Spider Jean-Pierre and Patti are making vids for them almost every day! :)

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus Coins 5100 free coins

  1. 350 coins
  2. 350 coins
  3. 350 coins
  4. 350 coins
  5. 350 coins
  6. 350 coins
  1. 500 coins
  2. 500 coins
  3. 500 coins
  4. 500 coins
  5. 500 coins
  6. 500 coins

I hope you didn’t miss the chance to win wishes? 10 sets of wishes will be gifted and only 50 bubblers fits into the contest, so go join the wave NOW! :D

5 thoughts on “Wilbur’s shop is gone from Facebook

  1. The charm for webbing is not working now. I bought that a long time ago. It doesn’t become available till the game is over.

    • try clearing out your cache and cookies,
      or if you are playin’ with an mobile device, remove the app and reinstall it, remember to reconnect to facebook.

  2. I want to buy the charm of shattering, but not for $1.50 (ONLY ONE USE!) I want it permanently I think it use to be offered in the store that is now gone

    • Yep, you are right. The charm of Shattering is not available on mobile either, but ALL the 16 other charms seem to be available to be purchased with the mobile app.

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