REPLAY: Win the Charm of Fortune Spider

The Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site turns six months the 8th June, as with any baby, we want to celebrate the half year anniversary! We’ll celebrate this with a Charm Lottery. The Charm of Fortune Spiders to one lucky reader of the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site!

The Charm of Fortune Spiders  gives you 2 permanent spiders in the game that will Never disappear, no matter how many misses you get –> They don’t go back in the ceiling! This is the perfect Charm for casual popping indeed! The Charm of fortune Spiders is unlocked at level 49. You can watch a demo of the Charm of Webbing by going to Wilbur’s shop in the game and click on the little movie icon in the upper left corner above the Picture of the Charm of Fortune Spiders.

Requirements for winning:

  • Share this post on Facebook.
  • Comment on this post to get your lottery number. Scroll all the way down on the comments to get to the Reply Box. (Your e-mail will NOT be published)
  • You have unlocked the Charm of Foresight in Bubble Witch Saga at Facebook and you don’t own it yet.

The winner is drawn from e-mail addresses. I will assign a unique number to all e-mails in order that they appear to me, (First one gets number 1, second get number 2 etc.) and use this Lottery Machine to get a winner. You can attend with any comment or e-post you like, but you can attend only once. After the winner is drawn, following things will happen: I check that the e-post is valid and contact the winner by e-mail telling how to befriend the FB profile from King.Com that will deliver the price Charm. Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site  can be hold as responsible for entries lost. If the winner for some reason can not be credited with the Charm of Webbing or if all the requirements are not fulfilled within 14 days from that the lucky number was drawn, the lottery will be re-arranged.

The contest will end Monday 06/11/12, 12:00 AM, UTC+2. That is 12:00 in Finland. You can use this world clock to check the time.

You can enter only once, with one lucky number. If the drawn winner have entered several times and I haven’t found out before the drawn and the same person got many numbers, I will draw a new lucky number.

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54 thoughts on “REPLAY: Win the Charm of Fortune Spider

  1. would love to win this ~ maybe it will help me i cant get past this level :(
    Number 6

  2. brilliant site – keeps me smilign when i want to throw computer out of the window
    Number 8

  3. i need it lap top is dying want to finish the levels before ks completely goes than
    Lucky 13

  4. I’m addicted to BW!! .. and can’t wait for the next levels!! .. come on guys can we have some more levels please :)
    Number 20

  5. …as any good witch knows, extra spiders are a good thing!
    Number 23

  6. Hope I win & it will help me beat level 55, been stuck for days :(
    Number 25

  7. I never win anything so I am not holding my breath lol

  8. win the charm of foresight on bubble witch saga, I unlocked it

    love this game 40

  9. Plllllleeeeeeeaaaaasssseeeee..let me win…i need all the help i can get..xxxxxxxxxxxxx