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Bubble Witch Saga Lotteries

Hi there bubblers!

winiPhonecoverThere is bubbling as always in the Bubble Witch Saga Groups at Facebook. :) In the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group there is a Lottery going on where you can win an iPhone cover, you just need to tell what you will do if you win it, in order to get a ticket for the Lottery. :) Please come enter your entry!

In the Freunde von Bubble Witch Saga Group there is an awesome contest that can get you a price for 128 Facebook Credits. Ot is quite easy to translate with the Google tranlsate what you are reading and even if the group is mainly German, they allow is to have some comments in English too, as long as we don’t start their group with English. :)

Here is the English version for the Facebook Credits contest in the German Group:

* * * GIVEAWAY * * *
* * * L O T T E R Y * * *

Since I don’t play BWS anymore as much as it was a few months ago,
I decided as an admin of, to donate my fb credits, – which I won in the Easter tournament – to my group in the form of a contest :)

All participants have to fulfill the conditions of participation till Wednesday April 10th, 2013, 6:00 P.M. to be eligible to win the price

conditions of participation:

1. Like the post on OUR site
2. Share the post or copy the link
3. Answer the competition question below the post on our site
4. Mark your answer with a ♥ (< 3)
5. Per participant only 1 answer
6. If more right answers come in, drawing will be made
7. If a person gives more answers, just the 1st one counts
8. No participation for a correct answer, but no like, share/copy, or both.
9. There is no legal claim to any prize. facebook or are also not responsible. This is a private drawing!

* * * THE QUESTION * * *
End of May, my son “Tobias H. C.” will be born.

What is the “C” in the name standing for?

* * * prize * * *
128 fb-credits

Good luck!
Sincerely your
Boss Django ;)

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