Win the Charm of Shattering

Lottery time, woop, woop!

This time I decided to give somebody an opportunity to try out the newest Charm, it is the Charm of Shattering. With this Charm you can shoot to shatter a block of Crystal Bubbles once per level that have Crystal Bubbles attached to air. It is a charm that really helps you out in the Crystal Cave! I got it and I have amazing 3-Star scores at every level in the Crystal Caves. I also prepared a list of levels where the Charm of Shattering is useful.

Requirements for winning:

  1. Share this post publicly on your Timeline/Wall. There is a Share button under this post that is easy to use.
  2. Comment on this post.  Scroll all the way down on the comments to get to the Reply Box. (Your e-mail will NOT be published)
  3. You have unlocked the Charm of Shattering(lvl 89) and you don’t own it yet.

The winner is drawn from e-posts. I will assign a unique number to all comments in order that they appear to me, (First one gets number 1, second get number 2 etc.) and use this Lottery Machine to get a winner. You can attend with any comment or e-post you like, but you can attend only once. After the winner is drawn, following things will happen: I check that the e-post is valid and contact the winner by e-mail asking for Facebook id. Then I look up that the Share is done. If the winner for some reason can not be credited with the Charm of Shattering or if all the requirements are not fulfilled I will re-arrange the lottery.

The contest will end Friday 4th May, my local time 23:00 (UTC+2). To make it a bit easier on you time wise, I can tell you that I live in Finland, you can always check my time at

You can enter only only once, with one lucky number. If the drawn winner have entered several times and I haven’t found out and the same person got many numbers, I will draw a new lucky number. This is a private lottery in the way that the person that win will have to add me as FB-friend, so I can deliver the price. This contest is not endorsed or featured by neither King.Com or Facebook.


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79 thoughts on “Win the Charm of Shattering

  1. Guess I’m #6. Would be great to win! Thanks for making up the give away for us bubbly witchers.

  2. When I first started playing Bubble Witch it was on the King .com website ,not much competition, so I was really glad when face book took it up now I am up to the eternal island 7 and get very frustrated when I have to wait for each new game, now though I have so many friends to play with and give lives too it is great and the list grows by day


  3. Really would love to be entered in this lottery…thanks so much!

  4. I sure could use this little tool, as I am having problems on level 112 and it could be handy on all the rest of the levels and I have not won anything in my life

  5. BWS – the best game on Facebook by far! Good Luck everyone (but I hope I win!)

  6. would love this charm, I need all the help I can get xx

  7. Would be GREAT to win this!! I need all the help I can get!!