7000 coins in 1-Click, Part 7/7

Bubble Witch Saga 7000 Coins in 1-Click

bubble-witch-saga-daily-bonus-one-click-free-coins-like-usThank you for the past week, this is the last part of the series of 7000 1-Clicks that we have been publishing all week to celebrate 7000 “Likes” for the ALL Coins Page at Facebook.


The next 1-Click Coins Button is planned to be for 13 000, and we have a task for you. Like and Share this post to get altogether 200 “Likes”, then we will put the next button together. :)

Here are a few links that I urge you to click on before you start the 1-Click button, that way you lower the risk on missing requests from friends.

[edit] links removed, they get old in just a week

2 thoughts on “7000 coins in 1-Click, Part 7/7

    • If they aren’t removed from the game by removing them from your friend list, you are affected by a common bug in King facebook games.

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