Level 27 – Come back to this one to relax…

Starting Bubbles: 30
Recommended Magic Potions:
none needed
Score needed for 1, 2, 3 Stars: 
45 000, 70 000, 90 000
Special Bubbles:
yellow-spider-bubble Spider Bubbles

Level 27 is really quite easy if you decide to get rid of the spider-killers at the bottom in the beginning while you don’t have a lot of blue spiders invested.   Trying to dodge them will just waste your bubbles, so kill them off right away and the rest will be easy.   If you’re lucky, they’ll be in color-clusters and you won’t waste a lot of “ammunition!”   Level 27 is easy enough that it could go on your list of levels to repeat for coins and for relaxation when those higher levels begin to make you crazy and you’re bored with level 7.

A screen cap (as explained in post about level 55) could help you see the ceiling, but it is very challenging to take the cap at the exact right moment to get the ceiling row on it.

Here is an excellent video walkthrough for level 27 by Sebastian Ramirez.

Level 155 – no need to panic.

Ghost Lock on Chain 2 Lock Bubbles(1 chains)

level-155-Stopped-Bomb, strategy picture

Strategy Picture 1 for lvl 155

It is the lower part of level 155 that troubles all of you the most, so this post will just concentrate on that part. When you have unlocked the Ghost Chain it will be just happy popping, so I think that you’ll manage that by your own. ;-)

as in strategy picture 1.

The hot spot for aimin’ correctly at the locked bubbles at lvl 155 are in the blue circle. The ball will fly slightly Different from where you keep your mouse, but I found it easiest to keep the mouse pointer at the hotspot where my drawn line cross the chain. You can actually count the parts in the chain to get it right, if you want to. :)

Additional Tips by Carol-Ann Yard:
Thanks here to Caz & to Julie who confirmed this:
Potions Used – 3 holes, 7 extra bubbles & rainbow bubbles
1) forget about clearing the ??????in the black bubble triangle – don’t waste any bubbles on clicking on them; instead concentrate opening the locks first with the help of rainbow bubbles which you should have all by now have gotten
2) Concentrate on clearing bubbles on top of triangle which will move up closer towards ceiling
3) Don’t get taken in by clicking on ???? on bubbles once this has been done – sure it can help but if u hit a bomb bubble???? then not good good as it wastes bubbles.
I’m not saying this is guaranteed way of working but it did work for me after 20+ goes :).

Here is a video for two Stars, where there is a different hot spot in use, as I got a Bomb that I had to seal of. I also got 3 Spiders in this vid, that is quite unusual.

Level 49 – Consider your moves and avoid temptation


Level 49 is a short level.  There is only one line of bubbles above that which you can see at the beginning.  That, in fact, can be a problem.   I’ve cleared the bubbles more than once without getting the necessary points for that precious first gold star.  I’m recommending getting any potion that will add to your arsenal if you have the coins for it.  It will pay off in the end.

My suggestion is to try not to let the infected bubbles out of the center area if you can help it.  (Sometimes they just divide themselves on either side of the 2 diagonal rows of black bubbles, not much to do then, or is there a pattern…?)  If the infection does get away from you, at least don’t let it go lower than the lowest black bubble or you might as well just practice wall shots until your ammo is gone, because the ceiling will never show up.

Ordinarily we recommend clearing the sides so you can do wall shots.  Not this time.  Go up the center, being mindful of the infection, and angle toward the inside walls of the rows of black bubbles instead, with your goal being to nip off the infections at their roots, above.  You have a generous allotment of 4 higher lines of bubbles to make your kill shots into.

As usual, be conservative with your shots and consider each one carefully, but don’t always go for the clusters unless you have green spiders waiting.  It’s way too easy to miss getting that first gold star because you couldn’t resist knocking down a big cluster when only blue spiders are waiting.  Level 49 teaches chess-like consideration of moves, big time.

3 Star Video:

Basic Strategy Video by Jorge:

Level 111 – fairly simple despite the obstacles

Level 111 is pretty straightforward – all the baddies are where you can get at them or avoid them.

First, clear the two bombs on both sides, which unless you’re terribly unlucky with color matches should be easy.

Second, get rid of the skull doom bubbles by detaching them on both ends – they are not attached to the bubbles overhead for a change.  Again, that should be easy.

Uh oh…here comes the infection.  Hopefully you have gotten rid of the skull bubbles by now so the infection won’t attach itself to them through bubbles you shoot at them! The infection luckily can not attach to Morph Bubbles.   Just be sure to get enough southerly bubbles out of the way so that the level drops…the ceiling is only one level away – hurray!  From there on it should be just the luck of the bubble-draw to make those bubblies fall.

Consider Level 111 as ‘training wheels’ for what is to come.

Level 114 – some tricks up its bubbly sleeve

Level 114 is a sneaky one.  Every time I’ve played it, there has been a nice cluster of the same color bubbles going right up the middle like a crazed column.  Don’t be fooled – work on clearing out the bombs to the left and right.  Then get the bubbles cleared out to the lower level of the skull doom bubbles, or the infection coming down the inside of the diagonal line of skulls will spread outside its margins.  Doing this should contain the infection unless you accidentally ‘feed’ it with an errant bubble shot.

Plan your shots carefully – you are only given 35 bubbles in Level 114.

A potion of 3 free spaces in the ceiling and/or 7 additional bubbles  could only help, or you could buy 10 extra bubbles with Facebook credits.  Either way, Level 114 is a tough one just from the scarcity of ammo.

Insight from Carol-Anne: I am lousy when it comes to disarming bombs so ended up taking right one out, clearing solid colour middle block then wall to wall aiming to clear bubbles way above bomb so ‎*no disarming needed*.

Her you can watch Bubble Witch Saga Level 114 – Played by http://www.skillgaming.de

Level 102 have a right angle theme


Shoot to the left, then bank shots via left wall

Starting Bubbles:  50
Recommended Potions:
7 bubbles in the starting cauldron
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star:
50 000, 75 000, 105 000
Special bubbles:
Infected Bubble Infected Bubbles
Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubbles


You can let the infected bubbles to the right spread down, as you will be able to use an angle shot later to take it down.  Be careful to not let the infection spread downward past the original lower margin, however, or you won’t be able to see the star level at the top.   I would recommend at least the Magic Potion 7 extra Bubbles

The picture has not the angle shots in it, but it is pretty obvious, I think. The whole midst level is actually just angle shots via the left wall!

[ update March 7, 2012 ] Alternate Tip for making 3 Stars:

I used the 3 holes in the ceiling and the Rainbow Bubble too. I started by clearing out the lower level’s “teeth”, then I played as explained earlier.

Strategy picture level 102

The teeth are the zigzaged lowest bubbles

Level 38 – Be conservative and this should be easy

Level 38 is an excellent practice level. There is not much to be wary of aside from having to use a lot of balls making that lower line of doom bubbles fall, so be careful how many wasted shots you make.   It does have to fall, however, or you’ll be shooting blind waiting for the right colored bubble so the field will lower. You do have a nice number of bubbles to shoot with and even with planning ahead, Level 38 should be a fairly easy one.  I’m always a bit suspicious of the easy levels…I figure the programmers put them in so we will be lulled into a feeling of well-being, and then they hit us with a level like Level 55.

Here is a video walkthrough by FacebookSpieleListe.de for level 38. (Loud techno music)