Candy Crush Saga Boosters (Win them for FREE!)

There is a bunch of different Boosters in Candy Crush Saga.

The Daily spin on the Fortune wheel is IMHO the COOLEST WAY to get FREE BOOSTERS in CANDY CRUSH SAGA, without using a hack, trainer or cheat to obtain free boosters. Just open your game and click the wheel to open the Candy Crush Saga wheel of Fortune. Click the blue button at the lower right hand side to get a random booster or if you are fortuned enough a gigantic set of free boosters. :) Unfortunately all boosters aren’t available, as example, teh Moon Struck Booster can not be obtained via the Candy Crush Saga Fortune Wheel for FREE BOOSTS

Most of them costs gold bars that is the real money currency in Candy Crush Saga, but there are different happenings that can give you Boosters for free, like if you install Candy Crush Saga at your iPad you get one Color Bomb and one Lollipop Hammer.

Not every booster is available at all Candy Crush Saga levels

There are some levels which will gave you some free boosters at the start and some you’ll have to earn. Some say that using boosters is cheating in Candy Crush Saga, I think it’s okay to use some. But it’s always nice to complete a level without using one.

Boosters obtained at a mobile device (kindle, ipad, iphone, android) do not counts for usage in the Facebook version and vice versa.

Only one of the boosters can always be obtained for free. Whenever you get stuck on a level and your friends sends you them. That is a +3 moves booster. The +3 moves boosters are to be used to give 3 extra moves (one booster for one try at the problematic level) the +3 moves booster can not be transferred between levels. It is not at all rare that the +3 bonus malfunction at mobile devices such as ipad, iphone, android.

You can look for friends to help with the +3 moves bonus, if they are stuck. By clicking on the heart at
the upper right side of your game map, under the text “Play with friends” you will see who can receive such boosters.  Every now and then you also get  set of ten friends that are stuck and can send them extra moves before you start your gaming session.

color bomb coconut wheel Coconut Wheel

The Coconut Wheel is AWESOME! You buy it before you enter a level, and it can appear many times while active on a level. USAGE: Just drag/swap the coconut wheel up, down or to one side to activate it in the game. When it is activated it makes 3 striped candies. If you combine the coconut wheel with special candies, awesome stuff will happen! ;-) Unlock the coconut wheel by completing level 14.

Colour Bomb

Match a color Bomb with a candy to see all candies with that colour become striped candies. A color bomb match DEMO extended with 3 vids is now available at Gamers Unite! Candy Crush Saga Forums

the Red Hand / Free Switch

the Free Switch is unlocked after clearing out Level 18. By using the free switch booster in Candy Crush you can switch candies that normally wouldn’t be eligible to switch.

Boosters for timed levels

booster-for-timed-levelsThere are two different Boosters for timed levels, one that gives you +15 seconds of extra time at the level and another one that gives you infinite time, when you aren’t clicking at the board.

Jelly Fish

At Jelly Levels you can buy the Jelly Fish before you enter the level. It will appear in the beginning of the level and might pop up in the middle as well. The Jelly fish

Wrapped and Striped Booster

You start the level with one wrapped and one striped candy.

Sweet Tooth

Watch this Candy Crush Saga SWEET TOOTH DEMO (made at Level 73), it is so much fun and gives you quite lot of advantages in the game! It is a shame really that it costs us so much. :(

Lollipop Hammer

the Lollipop Hammer can crush any candy. You get a few free Lollipop Hammers right in the beginning, but I suggest that you save them at least until Level 33 that is the forst REALLY REALLY hard level.

+5 Extra Moves

+5 Extra Moves Booster is unlocked after you have cleared level 7 and costs 9 Facebook Credits for one Booster. you can  buy a +5 Extra Moves Boosters anytime when you play a level and it is activated right away after you have paid for it.

Bomb Cooler

A few levels after the bombs have been introduced, you get access to the Bomb Cooler Booster that adds five more moves avaoöable before the Bombs on the board blows up.  Effects all visible Bombs!

Mystery Candy Booster / The check mark booster

The Mystery Candy Booster is unlocked after level 130, when bought as a booster it is always a good special candy, but later on you will find it as organic implement to levels, then it is not always a good candy. Buy it with gold bars before you enter a level.

Mix the check mark booster with a candy of same colour to get a candy that you need to complete the objective of the level.

the Bubblegum Troll Booster

bubblegumtrollBOOSTERthe Bubblegum Troll Booster removes any chocolate visible at the board upon time used and stops the chocolate factories for five moves.

the Bubblegum troll Unlocks at Level 156 in the Bubblegum episode. You can use the Bubblegum booster only at levels where the dreaded chocolate is ruining your fun time, such as Level 162.

Candy Crush Saga Moon Struck Booster

The Candy Crush Saga Moon Struck Booster is brand new and can only be used in the Candy Crush Saga DreamWorld, where the owl is a real pain in teh butta, but there it is really needed. Read more about the Moon Struck Booster and watch the DEMO in this special article for the Moon Struck Booster.

You can also MIX some of the Candy Crush Saga boosters, that is so cool! :D In this video from Level 125 you can watch what haooens when you mix the Jelly Fish Booster with wrapped candies and striped candies!

Comments aboiuit the Candy Crush Saga booster topic:

David Mcfee · South Zanesville, Ohio
I used to have the booster wheel but I don’t have it any more.Hoe do I get it back?
Like · Reply · 1 · Nov 18, 2014 12:11am

Sue Machado
No booster wheel?
Like · Reply · Aug 22, 2014 12:04pm

Diana Kimm
There is no booster wheel showing up for the last 3 days. What is the problem?
Like · Reply · Aug 15, 2014 11:13pm

Linda Taub Garrison · Oak Park High School
I changed my Facebook password and no longer connected to candy crush. No more free spin! How do I reconnect ?
Like · Reply · Jul 26, 2014 8:52pm

Jaswant Prajapat · Mumbai, India
JUST uninstall candy cruch and again install game now connect to game.
Like · Reply · Feb 3, 2015 12:26pm

Holly Campbell Linden · Works at Salon Real
I had the booster wheel on my I pad but now it’s there but doesn’t spin
Like · Reply · 1 · Jul 18, 2014 8:34am

Pam Van Niekerk
Me too. Did you figure out how to get it to spin again?
Like · Reply · Sep 1, 2014 1:58pm

Piak Duangchan · Rajamangala University of Technology
my daily wheel booster disappeared for two days, how can I get it back? I play on my computer online.
Like · Reply · Jul 14, 2014 10:10am

Becci Barton · Works at Domino’s Pizza
Mine did too. ..
Like · Reply · Jul 22, 2014 2:10am

Usha Narayanan
Hi guys.. M at level 124 all 3 stars.. Have been for 2 months.. I can tell u that every level is solvable.. You need to think n u need luck too.. Keep,trying smile emoticon
Like · Reply · 1 · May 29, 2014 2:06pm

Muhammad Asif Fareed · University of the Punjab
I am Done with Lever 620 it is more interesting when you cross 550 ..
Like · Reply · 2 · Jul 13, 2014 11:44am

Sanya Bansal · Lady Shri Ram College for Women
How to hit jackpot
Like · Reply · 3 · May 26, 2014 2:05pm

Sohail Ghouri · University of Karachi
I am playing Candy Crush game on my computer online, but before 3 or 4 days when i am start the game then 86% downloading and then stop, what’s the matter please solve this matter, and please give the cheat code on computer player.
Like · Reply · Apr 21, 2014 8:48am

Rashid Hussain · Home Tutor at Teacher
Update your computer IN’SHA’ALLAH it will be solved… thanks smile emoticon .
Like · Reply · 1 · May 18, 2014 12:14am

Prem Gupta · Manager at Arrow International
how can play the 36 level game please solve.
Like · Reply · Apr 1, 2014 2:08pm

Rakesh Peechil · Mumbai, India
Turn off ur mobile data and play
login as quest it will take three day
Like · Reply · Apr 29, 2014 10:09pm

Bernadette Haymond · Raleigh, North Carolina
I dont get it my sister gave me a pass level 36,but when I return to the game I still could.not get to level 36 tried going to settling turn off wi fi turn off data but it brought me back to level 1 so can someone tell me the right way
Like · Reply · 1 · May 1, 2014 12:17am

Stephen Symons · Food Server at Sunset Station Hotel & Casino
Did you know that the Boosters can be rolled over to the next day and the next day, ect? You don’t need to use them, save them up for when you hit a level that seems impossible to beat, then use those extra boosters you have
Unlike · Reply · 2 · Mar 22, 2014 5:59pm

Sami Paskin · Rio de Janeiro State University
Wrong.. if you don’t use it one day, you can only use it the next day one time again… you loose your chance. In other hand, wrong again, you CAN accumulate the gift you got, to use whenever you want to, at any level….
Like · Reply · Aug 15, 2014 6:57am

Karen Bradsher Brown · Works at Dermatology Associates
How can I get the booster wheel on my ipad
Like · Reply · 2 · Feb 27, 2014 4:45am

Jennifer Maki · Inglemoor High School
I had 3 chocolate balls saved and I can’t use in 215?
Like · Reply · Jun 11, 2014 12:33pm

JackPot in Daily Wheel:

76 thoughts on “Candy Crush Saga Boosters (Win them for FREE!)

    • There is a campaign going on now that gives you free boosters. Just log into the game via Facebook at a PC or Mac. :)

      1. Sync your original level to your facebook.
      2. Uninstall the game on your device.
      3. Install the game again. Play it offline and finish the game until level 34. Its not that hard and you will get your boosters for FREE.
      4. Synchronize your game to facebook then you will get back to your original level with boosters.

  1. I have cleared the top 7 rows of level 342 and scored 56,860 points.
    Every you tube I’ve watched, this is all that was needed. There were no jelly under the chocolate cremes on the bottom 2 rows, What has to be done to pass this level?

  2. on my i pad i am two levels ahead of my lap top they use to be the same level I could go from one to the othe r i would like it to coordinate again

  3. This is getting harder and harder..I dont have the money to buy boosters. I wish you all would give a free booster after completing a few levels or something. And it would be real nice if all your friends give you a life that your able to keep them all instead of just five..Thats just retarded. You guys really need to help us all out.

  4. All you need to do is adjust your time on ipad to one day ahead, go back into candy crush, you will then have 5 lives again, go back into settings and change the day back to ‘today’ and then play candy crush with 5 new lives. Do this eac time you run out of lives and you will cruise thru. Mind you I have been stuck on level 121 for 3 days now so it doesn’t assure you of an easy ride, but at least you can now play for hours as opposed to waiting hours to play. Hope this is of some help?

  5. Im stuck on level 147 and i see a lot of people is stuck at it too! is there any ways or ways for getting unlimited moves or lollipop hammers to break that level?

  6. When my friends give me lives where do they go? I never get to use them and can’t find them anywhere on the game.

      • that’s all you have to say? They just vanish? People are loyal.. play.. bring their friends daily ..send them lives and we never get to see them on candycrush or farm heroes? sounds just as much of a cheat as the player above explained how to continually get free lives on an iPad… guess you ADMIN Game Owners get what you give!

        • It is not like I am responsible for what King is doing. I am a private person maintaining this website as a gamer for other gamers. If you thought this is somehow official I am so sorry for that, I don’t try to give that impression.

        • Lol. Admin is a title for someone with more helpful knowledge then and perhaps you should allow someone with a little more experience hold your position. People come here for help and answers obviously and would appreciate more then a half ass response and maybe an “ill look into the issue” if you dont know the answer… dont respond… just admin the page…thats your “official” job title. :) Dont be rude.

    • If you accept the lives when you login and have 5 lives already then they vanish. Just close out of the screen that pops up showing the lives people have sent you and then you will always have them if you need them!

  7. Hi, I have been stuck on Level 65 for quite awhile. Is there any cheats or recommendations anyone has? I know that I have to clear the chocolate and get as many striped candies and such as possible but it hasn’t worked out. I have come within one jelly and didn’t have the moves left to get it! SO frustrating. Is there a level I can go back to possibly and earn some free boosters? I refuse to buy them, lol. Thanks!

    • bad news for you I am afraid. I had saved up boosters myself to make this level go away. If you can install the app at a mobile device you’ll get som lolliposp though i think, so if you haven’t done it already, you should force someone with an iPad/Android or iPhone to let you install the app and connect to your account! After that the boosters will be added to your facebook game (not to the mobile version) and you can remove the app from the “victim’s” device. :D

    • I will give you guys a big hint for level 65. I just beat it without any freebies and the trick is to stay on the borders and take out all the chocolates first, Then you need to take out the top two corner jellies and work on the remaining border jellies while trying to build up striped candies with four in a row. You want to make sure you hang on to your striped candies until you get as many as you can and then combine them together to wipe out big chunks at a time and it will remove jellies too at the same time! Took me three or four tries but it will happen! Also, If you can get five together for a ball candy make sure you hit any jellies that are on the very top or on the borders! You guys can do it so good luck and I am off to level 66 now! Peace.

    • my phone is jailbroken and so is my ipad …plz tell me the steps to go thru to collect the boosters for free thanks

  8. Level 65 is going to be the death of me, I used all my boosters on previous levels and went into this one blind =[ what happened to the give away prize of the day they were giving out? it would be greatly appreciated now >.<

    • Make sure you check out my suggestions for level 65 to beat it without spending any money! Don’t give those robbers your money! Good luck! :)

  9. I have an android phone. I cannot access my extra moves. I accepted them on the map screen, but I have no access to them on my mobile and they are not showing up on my Facebook app. I just accepted 25+ groups of 3 extra moves from friends because I am stuck on 125, but I cant get to them on my phone, or dont know how. any suggestions?

    • Im having the same problem too. I accepted a bunch of +3 extra moves from my friends but they seem to have disappeared. Im not prompted to use them, I don’t get any extra moves when I start the level, it’s rather annoying as I can get like 2-3 moves away from finishing this level, but can’t. Im using a LG optimus android phone..

      • I’m on level 201 and when I accept my 3+ moves they keep going to level 196. Where ever the pink bow is there is where you will find your 3+ moves on your android. I play on my galaxy 3 and on face book. Look for the level that has a pink bow on it. Does anyone know why that happens and can someone tell me how to get the moves to work on the level that I am on?

        • My best guess is that the game progress is cached somehow by the game and the pink bow doesn’t always get the latest update about your progress.

  10. I personally love the game but hate the fact that you can not earn any boosters other than playing. I think every level you beat you should get them or even when you get three stars. Money hungry app, to make a money hungry world go round!

  11. I unlock the lollipop hammer at some point but i was saving it for harder levels. Now that i want to use it is asking me to pay… What the?

  12. Im on a mobile mode and in 3 months of playing, I never gained any boosters :( Im at level 267 today and hopeless :( Please help me how to have one :(

  13. Pingback: Breaking news! Candies have gained control over 72 % of Earth | Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site

  14. you should really invest in free boosters on FB and on phones reward us after levels give us a reason to keep on playing now that I heard someone say there at level like 249 and they didn’t get any boosters I don’t think I want to play anymore.

  15. i’m stuck on level 70 & need sweat tooth to complete the level. how will i get this sweat tooth for free.

  16. I am on level 141. Is playing on an IPAD different from playing on FB? I only have access to ‘Lollipops’ and ‘+5 moves’. I haven’t seen the Coconut Wheel in any of the last 30 or so levels. I have never seen a ‘sweet tooth’ or ‘bomb cooler’ and don’t know how to get boosters via FB. I opened the game through there today and gave lives to friends but did not see any credits appear in the gold bar.
    I wish all the boosters had a pix with them. I did see a new one back a few levels. A shiny disc with a check mark on it. What is that?
    This game can be very frustrating at times.

    • The shiny disc with the check mark will become a “good to have candy” upon usage.
      The iPad version is a stripped version of the FB game.

    • It’s very misleading and the intention is to keep you playing over and over without acknowledging your skills to connect in difficult situations , it then adds andds bubbles to stop you from competing and when youv’e played for several weeks its allows you enough bubbles to complete. That does not warrent the idea of a game therefore it is an idiots complete waste of time O.o

  17. I had 53 gold bars and got on this afternoon to play and they are all gone. I have played so much and so hard to loose them. Not happy. How do I get them back.

  18. ya no puedo usa el Free switch se ha bloqueado y cuando compro tres solo me da un movimiento estoy en el nivel 1507 y no puedo usarlo, porfavor ayudeme o orienteme muchas gracias

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