Did you notice? We have one more visible row at every Level!

Bubble Witch Saga breaking Changes?

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EDIT, 25th June, 2013: This have been FIXED, we now have the old amount of visible rows and the Level Designs are as meant to be. Thank you Bubble Witch Saga Team for giving us back the old layouts, some of the levels were just so weird the past few weeks!


Level 48 now is easiest played by lifting the level with two bubbles(red bubbles in the lower middle) to drop the infection.

Last week the level design was changed for all levels. The score bar and settings and quit button was moved from the lower part of the level to the upper part. Instead of making the canvas for the game higher that would be devastating and ruin the gameplay for 15 and 15.4 inch laptop bubblers, the levels themself was lowered. All of them. This is mostly a good thing, but some levels have been designed so that you can pass them only by swooshing passed a column pr pyramid in the middle, all those levels now need to have one or two bubbles wasted so that you can reach. The lowest bubbles on both sides can no longer be matched unless you waste a bubble to lift the level.20-5 It is good that the levels now show us one more row all the time, that will indeed make the levels easier to play.

At the new Level 20-5, you'll HAVE to lift the level in order to be able to match a corner bubble. (Blue left hand side in the pic)

At the new Level 20-5, you’ll HAVE to lift the level in order to be able to match a corner bubble. (Blue left hand side in the pic)

But really… It is clearly that some of the levels wasn’t designed for this change and we can assume that there will be minor adjustments to some of the old levels because of this change. Maybe there have already been, but we haven’t just noticed it yet?! I feel a bit sad for the person that have designed the levels, lot of thinking have gone into those designs and now they aren’t as genius and witchy planned as before. Bombs and viruses and shadow bubbles will all be more easily detected now and worst case scenario it takes the fun out of the game! :O However, the obvious change to the gameplay for all of us is that we will have to waste more bubbles, I suggest you do it in the beginning at any level that now needs lifting. Personally I will do just fine wasting bubbles, I have both the +5 extra bubbles charm, I always get lot more +3 extra bubbles from friends than I possible can use and I also have more than 8 million coins to buy the +7 extra bubbles with. Here is the old Eternal Isles Level 20-5 as a video and below it you can watch the new one in comparison.

Please tell us in the comments of any level you have noticed that is made harder or totally different just by lowering the level one row.

6 thoughts on “Did you notice? We have one more visible row at every Level!

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  2. I’ve noticed u can no longer get extra lives or coins by pressing on the coins an lives u already have. I play on iPhone so haven’t noticed the change in out lay.

  3. I’ve not yet been able to get 3 stars in EI1-10 in spite of owning all charms and using all potions!! Now it’s even more difficult. I’m glad that you pointed out that there are now 2 more rows showing. I felt the difference, but hadn’t known why.

    • Thank You Susan Cockrell for your feedback, it feels so good to get a thx for something else than coins! <3 <3 <3

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