Eternal Isles 1 – Level 7 is all about organized luck


It is a good idea to memorize the bubbles on your right hand when the game first roll out. You will very likely find yourself in a position when you can use the knowledge of the bubble colours. That is right after bursting your way through the lower section, but not yet revealed any more of level EI 1-7. If you haven’t memorized the bubbles, you can use one of your Rainbow bubbles to drop a big cluster from the wall on a green spider.

Most of the level guides at this site have a video as a complement to the textual guide, level 7 at he first eternal isles section has one as well and here it have an essential role, as you’ll need to see for yourself what I mean with organized luck. In the video (time 1:45) I am shooting a baby blue bubble to drop the ceiling. I got lucky there, but actually luck have not so much to do with clearing as you may think. If I wouldn’t have dropped the ceiling with the blue bubble, I would have dropped it soon enough using a rainbow bubble! The rainbow bubble is actually the main ingredient for success at EI level 1 – 7! I have tried alternate ways of playing this level, but never managed to actually pass for even one Star, those times that I get to see the ceiling before it drops.

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15 thoughts on “Eternal Isles 1 – Level 7 is all about organized luck

  1. I’m stuck on level 6 of Eternal Isles…. can’t manage to get enough points for one star. My best ever score is 88940 and it’s a minimum of 135000 for one star :( Any clues?

  2. Stuck on lv 6 also and have watched video till I’m blue in the face and can’t understand German. HELP In the above video what did you use or click on just before the last shot on the purple bubbles at the top. Only 1 was clear but it dropped them? I don’t understand, I’ve tried alot of things and nothing works for me. thanks

  3. I’ve been trying Lv 6 for over a week and I finally received 1 star. I did the side edges first to get to top. Well here goes another week for lv 7 (maybe).

  4. I’m stuck on eternal isles1 level 7 I’d like to see a video played and won without any extra help, I don’t think it can be done.
    I notice the video has clusters of same colored bubbles 14 blue 8 yellow, mine never has, and you can’t get gold and green spiders shooting two bubbles to knock one down, so even if i clear the ceiling i never have enough spiders for points, also my bubbles will change direction in mid air and stick to some other bubble, i didn’t see that happen in the video either. whats up with that.

    • with any help at all can be quite hard to achieve, I strongly recommend you to use the rainbow bubble and holes in the ceiling!

      • molly stanley macinnis Well it is now march 30 and I am still stuck on EI 1 level 7, and I play every day, I tried using ceiling holes and rainbow bubbles but still can not get enough score for one star. I’m on level122 of the regular game so I can’t be that bad of a player, I just don’t know what to do to bring my score up, can’t get past 40,000- 45,000 any other suggestions?

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  6. I’ve been trying for a couple months I believe to beat this level..I have used the ceiling holes, extra bubbles, rainbow bubbles, extra spiders, I even paid real money once and I STILL can NOT beat this level. Numerous times I have clear the ceiling but the score never reaches one star, even though I have plenty of spiders and even plenty of extra bubbles to boost my score…

    This level is borderline impossible and they shouldn’t make it THIS flippin’ hard, even with using actual cash. This is the one thing that pisses me off about Bubble Witch Saga, it’s THIS level~ I’ve struggled with levels before but NEVER have they taken me MONTHS to beat…

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