The new Eternal Isles Levels are mastered

New levels mastered

I didn’t keep accurate count, but by browsing through old comments I can tell that there was No more than max two hours between the launch and the first players finish on the ten new levels that we got today. He was ready about the same time that Bubble Witch announced the new levels actually.

The Eternal Isles section have pretty dull background. Because the poles are a bit to smooth to use as aiming help. But the right pole is actually not that bad. :)

Here are video walkthroughs for the 3 first new levels.

Eternal Isles Level 2

Eternal Isles Level 3

18 thoughts on “The new Eternal Isles Levels are mastered

  1. Jill, I was finally able to get off Level 6. FYI, stick to the left hand side of the game and that’s what did it for me after several more tries…good luck!

  2. A little confused. In level EI 1 there is a virus down the middle yet no virus is shown in the video. Was a for-purchase potion used to allow for no virus on level 1??

  3. I just read about EI 1 -1 that you need the infection ,,so that mean that the falling bubble are worth more when they infected then the regular bubbles?

    I have only 2 lv with 1 star and they are on EI -1 , now I am looking on all tips and still not get it . I did 1-6 soon when I start I did 170 soon after I start and the level you called easy I can not get it what I am doing wrong ?

  4. video for 1 -10 show use of 3 hole potion and is ok , because virus start in the 3 row from the top, but I just notice what is wrong with my game, I thought the infection do not afect the ice bubbles , but on my game they spread true the ice bubble so fast,

  5. you will see a lot cool videos from my game, if only I knew how to make them, i come again and see this video again, my infection spread true ice bubbles and I just learn you can not hit infected with Rb, to me was waist, the RB just dissaperd and infected stay . I have that infection charm so i did get 1 star on this one .

  6. sorry i see cool trick hit with RB 2 colours , but again you need to drop those skulls any way ,so is waist use any bubble for clear under them

  7. ok, it is nothing wrong with my game, but it is something wrong with my Charm of Antidote, if i manage to stop the infection at first I am ok, but when I use that charm, then the infection start spread true ice bubbles.

    • There are a few other players telling that they have different problems with their Charms. I think You should use the contact form at the lower left hand of the game to contact the Devs and tell about this curious issue.

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