Farm Heroes Saga – the BIG Booster GUIDE!

Farm Heroes Saga Boosters – Not only for paying customers! :D

Boosters can be used at any level, but the Extra Damage bought with Magic Beans can only be used at levels where you need to defeat Rancid, the raccoon. On other levels the Magic Beans can be used for the shovel Booster.

Having played all the available 370 levels available I have discovered 5 different boosters that you can use for free. The boosters are free at least once every day, since the Farm Heroes Saga boosters regenerate over time without us doing anything at all. :D

Additionally there are the option to buy extra moves before you enter a level and that costs 6 gold bars. If you want to buy the extra moves when you run out of them, you pay 9 gold bars. There is also one booster (the fifth one against grumpy boosters) that can’t be obtained for free after the 3 freebies you get when it first unlocks.

When you buy a Farm Hero Saga Booster you buy it in sets of 3. Only the Shovel Booster can be obtained with the Magic Beans, others costs gold bars if you don’t have the time to wait for them to recharge in the regeneration chamber.

Growing-New-Levels1The Shovel Booster

The Shovel Booster costs 250 Magic Beans if bought BEFORE you enter a Level or 9 gold bars if you buy it while you play. The Shovel have a regeneration time of 6 hours. Use the shovel to

  • dig up a single element
  • crack an Farm Heroes Saga egg / dragon egg
  • grow a flower
  • shatter ice
  • bash a rabbit in the head so it stops for two turns
  • Move a chicken or a frog.
  • Move a firecracker on.
  • Removes Farm Heroes Saga bombs and Farm Heroes Saga Seeds (Seeds are those that makes grass when you mix with water)
  • Break a Farm Heroes Saga spider web.
  • Help lights Farm Heroes Saga fireflies.
  • Breaks snowballs (note that snowballs in patch will just break and then renew directly)

Since it doesn’t take a move it is a great way to save moves for columns where you can match 3! Unlocked after getting 100% growth at Level 4. Click here to see a Youtube clip of the Shovel Booster in action. The clip also SHOW HOW TO GET the Shovel with the Magic beans in the beginning of the level. You get Magic Beans by clearing levels, so you can go back and play those fast first levels as many times as you want to to get shovels with you into ALL Levels! :D (Golden Booster)

TractorooterThe Tractor Booster

The Tractor Booster costs 12 gold bars and have a regeneration time of 12 hours.

Use the tractor Booster to remove one row of elements. Watch the tractor Booster demo. (Blue Booster)

The Fram Heroes Saga Tractor Booster will not remove ice, flowers, seeds or anything except the original Farm hero Saga cropsies, water and suns.

When you have completed Level 38 with at least two stars, you get 3 Tractor boosters stored in the Farm Club.

BonusRewarderBoosterThe Bonus Rewards Booster

The Bonus Rewards Booster costs 16 gold bars and have a regeneration time of 16 hours.

It puts a +1 on all elements that are required at the Level you are playing. Unlocked at Level 12. OBSERVE! Once you have clicked at the Bonus Reward Booster you can NOT undo it as you can with other Boosters. (Green Booster)

Complete Level 38 with 3 Stars to get a set of 3 +1 Boosters stored in the Farm Club.

Bonus Rewards Booster DEMO, played at Farm Heroes Saga Level 13:

CollectALLThe Colour Collect Booster

The Colour Collect Booster costs 19 gold bars and have a regeneration time of 24 hours.

Unlock the Doggie Booster at Level 22. You get 3 free doggie boosters upon unlocking it.

The Colour Collect Booster removes ALL elements of the same colour. You choose what element you want to remove by clicking on such an element after you have chosen the “doggie-bone” booster with your cursor. (Purple Booster)

When you have completed the Farm Club Level 83 for 3 Stars you get 3 doggie boosters in the Farm Club.

Special tips for Level 71 and Up: If you use the doggie boost on a fruit make sure you use it no a CLEAN fruit as if you use it on a dirty (grumpy) fruit it will take the grumpy ones away and leave the clean.

Colour Collect Booster DEMO, played at Farm Heroes Saga Level 23:

New-BoosterThe Clean-Up Booster

The Clean-Up Booster was added to the game 14th May and this pale green Anonymous Grumpyman Booster turns all visible grumpy cropsies into regular cropsies.

The Clean-Up Booster DOES NOT REGENRATE, after getting your freebies and used them, you’ll need to use Gold bars in order to get more Clean-Up Boosters.

Check this video for Level 86 out to see the Clean-Up Booster in action.

Super Fruit Booster

This powerful booster was introduced into the game 9th July 2013. Use it to clear out all nearby elements.

You need to have finished Level 32 to use the super fruit. The super fruit booster does not regenerate.

The Egg-Crack Booster

egg-cracker-boostThe Egg Crack Booster was introduced into the game n/a. It can be used on both regular and crocodile eggs. If you need to crack the same egg many times before it hatches, you will need more than 1 egg-cracker booster.

Booster DEMO Videos by Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

Amelia’s Airdrop Booster


Amelias Airdrop booster drops 6 cropsies of the same colour as the colour you swotch the Amelia booster with.

You need to buy the Airdrop booster before you enter the level that you are going to play. The Amelia Airdrop booster in Farm heroes Saga can not be saved until next round.

Farm Heroes Saga TURBO Tractor Booster

the TURBO Tractor booster is similar to the ordinary Tractor booster but will appear as an item at your gaming board. The cool thing with the TURBO Tractor booster is that it can be used horizonrtally as the regular tractor, but ALSO up or down! The TURBO tractor booster removes 3 rows or columns of ordinary cropsies, but will not bite on ice and such stuff.

The +5 booster can be bought before you enter a level and is then more affordable than if you buy it as a last resort when you run out of moves.


The +2 booster is a special booster that you get as gifts from friends and add 2 moves to a level. If you have a stock of +2 boosters but fail the first time you enter a level, the +2 booster will not be an option if you hit “Replay”.

Any available +2 booster will however be used even if it doesn’t show up on your start screen for the level.

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  4. Pet Rescue Saga. I cannot use the magic beans to get the boosters. It always comes up that I need to purchase FB credits. I have plenty of beans. Is there a glitch? What can I do to use these beans? If I can’t use the boosters, I will be stuck forever and most likely quit playing. Thank you for your reply.

    • As in Pet Rescue Saga, also in Farm heroes Saga you need to purchase the Booster before you start to play a level.

    • I am so sorry if we couldn’t help you here at the website. Have you joined our groups for ore individual help?

    • There are options in the game to buy them with real money, in other King Games there are also options to do surveys and stuff for Facebook Credits (Hoop De Loop at least used to have awesome offers) that you then can use also in Farm heroes saga.

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  6. So, shovel, bonus, tractor and color boosters are actually free.
    But we need to buy with gold if we want extra ?

    The ones we earn with collecting animals, they are extra or regenerate ?

    It’s a shame it’s not explained in game.

    • The one we collect in the Farm Club is not regenerating. Of course it is a bit sad that all the stuff isn’t explained in the game, but on the other hand… This website wouldn’t exits of all the stuff were explained as good as they are here in the game. ;-)

    • Just keep sending your friends lives. They will turn into beans whenever your friend load the game and have a full life already. :)

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  8. My boosters don’t recharge! I’m at level 33 and since I unlocked them they haven’t recharged. What can I do?

    • Whooow…. That was harsh!!! You are the firstone to mention having a problem like this, so please comment if this work or not.
      1) Remove the app via your Facebook Control Panel.
      2) Clear out cache and cookies TWICE, make sure that you reboot your WHOLE computer in between clearing out the temporary files.
      3) Re-ADD the app at Facebook and keep your fingers crossed.

      If this do not work at all, it would be awesome if you have the opportunity to try out step 3 with a completely different computer. That would help finding the bug and resolution when/if I report it to King, because then we can determine for sure that the problem is in the game and not local.

  9. i have sent my facebook friends a ”play with friends” request in farm heroes, now all of them are playing the same level as me. how can we undo it? they didn’t accept my requests, it just happened and now they’ve lost their level rank. how can we solve this so they can go back to their levels? please help asap.

    • ooh. I am so sorry to hear about this. How many persons is this affecting? Have the accounts that have been merged against your will been on separate computers or have they all been on the same one?

  10. hoi
    ik ben in level 115 maar ik kan niet niet meer verder.
    Ik heb ook al de dieren verzameld wat nu ?

  11. I have the same problem of rose, my boosters don’t recharge, help me if you have a solution i tried the same on and nothing :(

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  13. I received a bunch of “free life” from friends, how do you access them when you are out of your original 5?? I cannot find this anywhere online. Thanks very much!

    • From the message center at your left hand side. Don’t accept them when the game loads, save them in the corner.

      • I don’t understand this……the only option with the message is the red x on the top right. I’ve been sent 10 lives and they are no where.

  14. Like in pet rescue you have the all in one click to get coins. If there anything for farm heros like this to get more beans?

  15. I´ve recived many times the “plus 5 movements” (+5 movs) but I don´t know how to use them!! Can you tell me please?

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  17. Im stuck at level 99, Ive looked at the you tube video but its no help because my board is never the same as the one on you tube, is there any other way?

  18. How do I get to collect free coins and old bars for farmville heroes saga like I do for pet saga?

    • there are no free gold bars nor coins/magic beans that can be shared. King seem to be planning to give us the opportunity to share Magic beans though, so maybe we’ll have some free Magic beans here next week, who knows? :)


  20. How do you send your friends lives & you said to go back and play level 1 to receive beans but I have done that & it does not give beans.

    • Sorry about the old information for the beans, I’ll update the guide. You send lives to friends by clicking on the little hearts beside their avatars.

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  22. my wife and I both play the farm heroes saga, but I have noticed when she matches 5 in a straight line, it then removes all the fruit of the same kind off the board… where as when I do it, it only adds a +1 to all the same fruit… we both have unlocked all the animals so far and are on the same region as far as levels go… what can I do to get that same experience?

  23. The +1 bonus in Farm Heroes seems to have stopped working the way it is meant to according to the page above. It says “It puts a +1 on all elements that are required at the Level you are playing.” However, I’ve recently noticed that it only puts the +1 on the crops you can see first of all and not any new crops that drop down on screen. Also, it only works for the very first match you make then all other matches are only worth 3 points. (I’m on level 115)

      • It’s not the visibility as such. I’ve actually checked the total on the left (say, 20) then made a match, and I have expected there to be an addition of 6 points to the total (with +1 on each crop without visible yellow numbers) but there is only 3 added to the total. This new change has made it too difficult to solve some levels to the point of it no longer being enjoyable.

  24. I purchased 100 gold bars using INTERACT a couple of days ago and so far have not received them. What is the problem??? Don’t like spending my entertainment money on something I don’t get. This won’t be the first game I have dropped because they scrooge around with things.

    • Please contact INTERACT to solve this issue. They might issue you too contact Facebook if they not find your transaction. Prepare to show any recipe you might have for this.

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  26. Call me stupid, but I can’t find the message center! I’ve looked on the left side and I don’t see anything…I have never been able to get any lives I’ve been sent… help!

  27. How does the damage calculated for Rancid the Raccoon? I’m not sure there’s any point in developing a strategy for beating him when my “matched” cropsies don’t match the damage he takes! I find it very frustrating that with the right move and a little luck I end up with 32 cropsies matched, yet he only receives 2% damage?!

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