Farm Heroes Saga have lots of COOL NEW features!

New Levels in Farm Heroes Saga and lots of changed features.

new-levelsThere have been added 15 hopefully awesome Levels to Farm Heroes Saga, CLICK HERE PLAY THEM NOW!

We will add new videos as fast as we can to our Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe! We will also update our sneak peak level index for Farm Heroes Saga very fast and of course, all the information is as usual always available first in our Help Group for Farm Heroes Saga, you are very welcome to join.

new-levels1Now the lives that you have received from friends changes into 100 Magic Beans if you have a full life when you get them.

The downside with the Magic Beans is that you can’t play for them now, I ain’t saying that I am going to miss the feature that made me play Level 1 over and over again just to farm Magic Beans (actually reminded me of the stories about Chinese prisoners that are forced to farm WoW gold…). This new thing that we can send each other Magic Beans feels better as an idea at least, but we of course will need to play a while before we know for sure what we like about the changed Magic Bean Features.

New-BoosterWe got a new Booster, a Booster that cleans up all dirt from the current board when used, so now the Grumpy Cropsies don’t need to be such a big disaster after all. Just remember that you also can clean the Grumpy cropsies on the grass, no need to waste all power of your free boosters right away. :)

The shovel Booster have changed a lot. You can still buy it with Magic Beans, that is good, real good actually! :D But now the shovel booster cracks an egg instead of removing it and the shovel can’t be used on cracked eggs at all. The shovel also fills up water buckets and  grow flowers. The shovel have became a mighty mighty booster and we still can have it for free. Almost have me to burst into tears. Thank you King!

We have so far managed to upload Level 86 and Level 87 for you to watch at Youtube, or why not take a look here if you want too. The Level 86 video have the new Booster shown at 1:33 in the clip.
Farm heroes Saga Level 86

Farm heroes Saga Level 87

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