Farm Heroes Saga Level 111

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111This is level where you have to defeat Rancid the raccoon with 20 moves. A lot of grumpy are in this level so be careful try by using a shovel get them on the grass to get more points and also here is very good help 1+ or 2+ damage.

Don’t forget to buy the shovel boosters in the beginning of the level (check video) , so that you get 3 free removals of elements. =)

Good luck!

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15 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 111

  1. cela fait 5 jours que je suis au level 111.les points ne correspondent pas avec les pourcentages de racid c’est pas normal c’est de la triche

  2. cela fait 5 jours que je suis au niveau 111 .les points ne correspondent pas avec les pourcentages de racid .c’est de la triche

  3. alors tres deçu de ce jeu je suis depuis 1 semaine au niveau111 non seulement les points ne correspondent pas avec les pourcentages et en plus j ai gaspillé 3200 haricots avec soi-disant des bonus mais non jeu pourri c’est de la triche.

    • Yes, this is what I am trying to work out. When I get a row, it says +11, but the percentage might only drop by 4 or 5%! How does that work, it is very frustratin!!

  4. The beans don’t work. I don’t see a different score. I am stuck for weeks, so I quit. I also don’t understand the counting.

  5. having the same problem…wondering why the percentage drop does not correspond with the scores made…it will be impossible to beat this way…l have tried using all the boosters as well…it does not give the extra points …wasting beans and boosters for nothing…is this a glitch ??

  6. Same problem really stuck, used beans and they seem harder even tho it supposed to make it easy.

  7. I am on level 111 durig the last four weeks and can´t pass to next, also using all the boosters, what can we do??

  8. Actually, I think that without any beans used, you need to score 200 and not 100 to beat Rancid. Which means that if you make a +10 match, you will only score 5%. If you use the +2 bonus, you should need only 100 points. Does that make sense?

  9. I agree – some matches should be 8 to 12 points and I only get credit for 2 or 3 – there seems to be no way to beat this level. Think I am at the end of time spent on this game. If anyone has any suggestions – think a lot of us would appreciate help!

  10. uuhhhhgggg im having the same problem nothing is workin so freaking irratating. they need to fix this or im gona give up on this game. the sucky part is i love the game

  11. Yep, same problem here. The 1+ 2+ options appear to be the same scoring as the free game. Tried both and the + numbers can add up to a decent figure (say 10+) but the count goes down by only 3 or 4 Used all boosters and most of my beans now. Either doing something wrong or it’s a glitch! Really annoying. I’m pretty well on 3 stars for every game now so van’t really get any more beans (not that they work anyway). Grrrr