Farm Heroes Saga Level 115

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level 115

You have 45 moves You need to collect 5 dragons, 50 onions, 50 carrots and 20 water.

Level 115 is a really hard one.

It has been changed 4 times. The video above text is the freshest level demo for 115. Lower you can find several different variations for historical level boards for Level 115.

There is no hard fast rule that will work with it so you need to consider all your moves before you take them. Its a real shame there is not an undo button.

Make sure that you watch out for any matches of 5 you can make, whether they are needed crops or not. Because even if its cropsies you don’t need, by removing all of that kind, it gives you more chance for the cropsies you need to fall down.
Try to match up against the water when you can. Luckily for most of us they have changed it so that now we only need 20 water drops. Its still hard even with that though.
When you are changing your eggs to collect your dragons, if you find they are not in the right place, and you have maybe an uncracked egg near two cracked eggs and you could have made a match if they were all cracked, just use a shovel to crack the third egg. It will make things easier for you and will save you moves. Because, yes you have 45, but the more moves you have, the harder the level.

You can use your boosters on this level if you are winning it and just short of getting a star, but you can complete it without using anything other than shovels as the example videos shows you :)

Try saving your shovels until towards the end. You can do 3 of the requirements and saving shovels gives you the help needed for the fourth one, if you need it later.

And make sure you save your boosters for this level!

Good luck on this one!!!

Video gameplay for Level uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

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10 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 115

  1. I just finished level 115 and it wont let me ask friends to help me advance to the next level…the option was not there anymore… :(

  2. Eu ñ consigo sair do nível 115 já o concluí mais ñ consigo mandar mensagens para que os meus amigos possam me ajudar , mando as mensagens mais elas ñ aparecem no face deles . Oque faço ? Me ajudem.

  3. Mine wants 40 waters too. How did you get only 20? I even deleted and reinstalled app but it’s still 40 .

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