Farm Heroes Saga Level 13

Tips, Strategies and Video for Farm Heroes Saga Level 13 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Admins.

You start of with 20 moves . You do have to think about making every move count in this level as you have to get 40 of the sun element.
So Look at your moves and see if when you make a line of one fruit it will help you with others so you don’t use all your moves.

Remember it is the sun that you need, so try to match them as near to the two flowers at the bottom as you can. The quickeryou can get the flowers picked, the better, since that gives you more room to make the lines of suns, and more points. Matching suns is the only thing that helps you score at Farm heroes Saga Level 13.

Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga have the uploaded video walkthrough for Level 13, please subscribe!

The Farm Heroes Saga Bonus Rewarder Booster is also explained the first time you play Level 13, here is a video for that.

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