Farm Heroes Saga Level 138 – Not an easy level

Tips for Farm Heroes Saga Level 138 by the Admins of Farm Heroes Saga Fans at Facebook

Starting moves: 30
You Need to Collect  2 flowers and 50 carrots.

We have Lots of ice blocks at Level 138. Remember that  you can use your shovels to break the ice!

Them cubes are surrounding your flowers so you need to get them broken as quickly as possible. Focusing on the middle ice cubes first is a good strategy here. You an even use a few shovels right in the beginning for that.

That därned rabbit is still here, wasn’t he supposed to be put into the stew!?! If you are lucky with the ice cubes, you can use your shovels to hit him in the head and stun him for a bit.

Video gameplay for Level 138 is uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

2 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 138 – Not an easy level

  1. My picture of level 138 doesn’t look like the one shown here and I only have 20 moves, not 30 as indicated above.
    I’ve only got 1 shovel, one tractor wheel and 1 dog.
    is there a different version of this game?

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