Farm Heroes Saga Level 142

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 142

142Well now you have got here you have got to Rancid Racoon!!! Horrible critter.

Starting moves 22.
needed to match to get the meter to go down.

Match Apples, Carrots, Beetroots(Onions) and Strawberries.

Well now you also have grumpie slime too,  it is so sad, so you can only laugh. This is not an easy one as you really do have to watch what you are matching. Try to match in the middle and above the slime.

Luck is the name of the game in this one and maybe a doggie booster, don’t forget the shovels!

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+1 Damage bought with beans:

+2 Damage bought with beans:

How to get shovel with magic beans in Farm Heroes Saga

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