Farm Heroes Saga Level 144

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 144Starting Moves: 16
Needing: 30 droplets, 30 strawberries, 30 carrots
Well again you have slimmy Grumpies to deal with. At least there isn’t a Pesky Rabbit in this one.
 When you switch a grumpy element from the toxic waste squares to a grass square, the grumpy element turns happy again. At level 144 it is all about making the elements happy, since they pass the toxic wasteland squares no matter how you try to make your matches. Before you make a match, check that you aren’t about to ruin a match above the row and if you are, count the little numbers on the elements and compare, sometimes one match gives you better score than two and you are always short on moves, so one match with less score can in some cases be better than two matches with a decent score.
To use your shovels effectively needs some careful thinking and working out. And yes, sometimes you have to make some slimmy grumpie matches to get some clean ones, lol.

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One thought on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 144

  1. I’m level 144. I need to help Thank you.
    How do you do get apple is only visual for 3. And need to get 6 apple. By the way never come up new one either. I play this level 144 for 3 days. When I see on this example here showing the apple is all over. King company need to think that I am not spend gold bar, that impossible, unreasonable game.

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