Farm Heroes Saga Level 18 – Make flowers

Tips for Farm Heroes Saga Level 18 by Farm Heroes Saga Help at Facebook

18Farm Heroes Saga Level 18 is a Farm Club Level

Start moves: 30
Task: Grow 6 flowers, match 18 suns and 18 blue droplets.

Howto Make flowers(do this first if possible): Match 3 to open by the flower, 3 to flower and 3 to pick.

Then Match 18 droplets and suns, make sure you make use of the little numbers on the fruits to make higher matches.

Remember that you kinda gain a move every time you can make a match that touches more than one flower.

Video gameplay for Level 18 uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, both videos are made by Lea Karamehić, please subscribe for the freshest updates to Farm Heroes Saga Videos!

The Upper video is completely without boosters.

This other video uses shovel boosters to gain that third star that is needed to join the farm club. The shovel can be obtained with Magic Beans, no need for gold bars here. ;-)

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