Farm Heroes Saga Level 302

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 302In Farm Heroes Saga Level 302 we have 22 moves and need to collect 30 apples, 30 onions, 30 suns and 30 water.
At first glance this looks a really tricky level, but really it isn’t.
You see the spiders at the bottom? Don’t get carried away removing them its not a requirement of the level for a change.
BUT you do need to move them. As quickly as possible, with as little moves as you can, move them so they are both up in the top webs.
Use a shovel to break a web if you cannot make a match otherwise.
Why do we need to do it as quickly as possible and move them there?
Because the more grumpy crops that fall, the less good crops can be moved within your move amount.
AND once the spiders are sat in the slime, they set out webs, which cover it all, meaning, unless you break the webs, none drop down.
Cool huh?!
Once you have done this, its just a case of building value up, which means having to match less crops, and removing the needed amount.

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2 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 302

  1. I have tried to win level 302 in farm heroes, and spent a lot of money, all for nothing. I donot get more than three or four chances to match before bad cropsies cover every other chance. What to do?

  2. Estou no nível 301 do Farm Héroes Saga no meu facebook e não consigo acessar,Encontrar… Porquê? Tenho 63 anos,vivo so e o jogo e facebook é o que me alegra.

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