Farm Heroes Saga Level 316

Level Help, Tips, Strategies and Video for Farm Heroes Saga Level 316 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Members and Admins.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 316Farm Heroes Saga Level 316 is giving 20 moves and ask for picking 40 onions and 40 apples if we want to win one star and pass the level.
Snowballs, water barrels and bombs on the bad side, but on the good side, we do get some grass.
Try to save your shovels to remove your bombs if you end up not being able to match them together quick enough.
This is a really annoying level, as all the bombs levels are, so don’t be discouraged if you need to keep replaying it.
The water barrels aren’t all bad news though, sometimes if you are lucky, when the water reaches the top, it jumps out and can swallow a bomb if its in the right place.
Its just a case of matching your crops while keeping an eye on the bombs, the snowballs shouldn’t cause too much of a problem.

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