Farm Heroes Saga Level 317

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OLD VERSION of Farm heroes Saga Level 317 described below:

You got 25 Moves, use them wisely. ;-)

Remove following objects from the game board in order to pass level 317:

1 Spider
50 Suns
50 Onions
50 Apples

Lots of iced crops here at 317, but its not as bad as it looks (honest!!!).
Break the ice wherever you can to begin with.Use a shovel if you have to, work your way over to the spiders nest and break his webs.
The crops should all fall down nicely, but don’t worry if they don’t to begin with. They will.
This IS a fun level!!!


3 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 317

  1. The level 317 I have has no spiders it does have snowballs I am unable to get past it, what is the secret to beating it. I have tried for a month now if not more.

    • Indeed, King seem to have changed this level.

      I use the shovels in an early stage to break ice below the upper grass row, that will give more space for cleaner cropsies. I also use companion in the middle to get some fresh onions twice and break ice.

      One really need to think through the matches and have a lucky board. If you try to make every other match beside snowballs, they will not become a problem,

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