Farm Heroes Saga Level 322 – Rancid Level

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 322 - Rancid LevelIts a rancid level (Boo! Hiss! Boo!)
20 Moves
Sometimes it makes no difference whether you choose the easy or the hard option, so try it both ways.
This time we need Carrots, Strawberries and Suns to defeat him.
This board reminds me of a Pixelated Christmas tree. 
We also have grass to make on this level if you are lucky, then we will be able to get extra value on the crops that land on it.
Unfortunately along with the nice grass, we also have grumpies again. How Rancid does hate us!
My observations on this 322 level seem to be that my board is always laid out the same. I don’t know why, there is maybe some meaning in it, but at least we have an idea of how not to repeat mistakes when we lose the levels over again. If you have a better memory than me anyway .
Try and make as much grass as you can in the middle of the board as all the crops have to go through this section, and then try and make most matches on the grass for extra points.
Good luck!

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