Farm Heroes Saga Level 33 – Use the Magic Beans!

Farm Heroes Saga Level 33

This guide and walkthrough for Farm Heroes Saga level 33 is brought to you by the Admins of Farm Heroes Saga Help Group at Facebook.

Task: You have to damage  Rancid the raccoon with 20 moves to match the suns as many as you can… If you have some magic bean to power up it would be very helpful…

If you match resources under the middle frozen blocks there will be left a void under them until you have broken the ice. You break the ice by matching the frozen resources.

Try to match something else beside suns that can be matched before you match the suns, that way the suns will do MORE DAMAGE!

Good Luck!

Video gameplay for Level 33 uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

You can also play woithout using hoards of Extra Damage,
like this:

Here is a third version of level 33, (2 stars score) where the +2 Extra Damage is in use, if you need one more example on how to pass.


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