Farm Heroes Saga Level 330

Level Help, Tips, Strategies and Video for Farm Heroes Saga Level 330 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Members and Admins.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 330Into 20 moves you need to collect 70 carrots, 70 suns and 4 chicks.
Here we have an “O” style shape board which makes it difficult to get any sucessful falling crop matches. On top of that, you also need to gather 4 chicks. Plenty of eggs, thats not a problem. The Bigger problem will be to grab the other needed crops.
Again you really need to increase value on your crops, the more value, the less crops you have to remove.
There is not really a lot you can say about this 330 level of Farm Heroes Saga Game that really helps other than persevering with it. The ideal way would be to get the chicks out of the way and then work on the carrots and suns. You may find it easier another way, so just work at it and see which works better for you.

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