Farm Heroes Saga Level 40

Tips for Farm Heroes Saga Level 40 by Farm Heroes Saga Help at Facebook

In this (a little hard) level you have to match 3 chicks, 40 carrots, 15 apples and 15 strawberries.

Match 3 eggs to get 1 broken and then try to match with the broken eggs in ice cubes.

So it shouldn’t be hard to collect the chicks. But if it feels like all the broken eggs falls to the bottom and you can make that horizontal match with the middle frozen eggs, try to get into a “status quo”  so that the board force on shuffling. Shuffling often rearrange the eggs quite nicely at Level 40! :D

Apples and strawberries are also easy to match, but we should be honest and say that you could have problem to collect 40 carrots with only 28 moves! So try to collect as many as you can and maybe score some extra in Hero Mode.

‘Good luck! :)

Video gameplay for Level 40 uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe, the upper one is without boosters and the lower one is a demonstartion on timing when you can use the colour collect booster!

28 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 40

  1. how come the game on facebook freezes up when u try to purchase gold bars to get past roadblock?

  2. You can’t break the roadblock because the game does not pass your request to your friends, so they cannot help you. It’s a rubbish game designed to make you spend your money on gold bars instead of progressing for free.

    • I am at the road block now and have sent several requests to my friends to pass it. I now understand but I won’t pay for anything so guess I am done playing this one!

  3. My friends have given me countless lives to clear the road block but I am not receiving them!!!!!! It is a good game but I am about to give it up as a bad job. So thank you facebook.

      • I have also played level 40 twice and cannot get to unblock the roadblock. I continously get 5 lives but it is for level 40 I am not going to play it again either. When it says ask friend I have onlyy 2 friends who plays this game. So what now? Am i not going to be able to continue without buysing gold bars? Giving it up as a bad job because nobody cares a damn and I can’t even email the game developer!

        • I am afraid that you got it right. One need neither money or 3 helping friends in order to proceed after laying level 40. You can add some friend to exchange Maghic Beans and lives via the group or page above.

  4. I think this game is bogus…I too am at level 41 and i cant get past it. I don’t spend money on any of these games but i can see that is what level 41 is about…getting you to purchase gold bars so that you can get to the next level….well i wont be going no further with this game…….oh well it was nice whilst it lasted!!!

    • If you wait about 1 hour you get your 5 lives back.
      I’m on level and that’s how I get my lives back. Some are easy some are harder. Just pay close attention to what your flipping , don’t always trust the vegetables on your moves. They lie sometimes to fool you.

  5. I´m stucked at level 40 for weeks…Even when I complete de game, I´m always with that 2 stars. A can never have the third one!!!! Better to give up???

    • please clear out your cache and cookies and try again until you succeed. The very most efficient way to fix it is however to play at FB if you are stuck at mobile and to play at mobile if you are stuck at FB

  6. Why is my 3rd friend request to break through the road block at level 40 is not being received by friends Two friends received my request but the 3rd request is not being received by friends?? GUESS THATS IT FOR THIS GAME BEEN STUCK HERE FOR MONTHS!!! WHY WOULD I INVITE FRIENDS TO PLAY IF YOU CANNOT GET THROUGH A ROAD BLOCK WITH A FRIENDS HELP??? GUESS YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF THIS GAME, BUT I REFUSED TO PAY TO GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL… SO DONE!!!!

    • Sometimes it is really hard to get the requests to come through, the only thing we can do is to re-senf and re-send over and over again I am afraid. :(

    • Nom you use Magic beans for boosters and at rancid Levels. If you can’t lure some of your friends to play, you need to pay.

  7. set your clock ahead 3 days and open the game. Close the game and set your clock back to current date and time. Open game and play away.

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