Farm Heroes Saga Level 402

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 402Farm Heroes Saga Level 402 is giving 16 moves for collecting 85 apples and 85 water drops.
In this 402 level you really need to make the rows up on the grass but as soon as you do that, you start setting the firecrackers off. We would be better off not setting them off as if they land on the frogs, the frogs will jump onto the main board and cause us problems. This time we only need water drops and apples and our frogs are blue and green, so they will eat them all up.
The trick with this is, when you make your rows, try to make them next to different firecrackers so that it slows them down a little. Remember 3 matches next to them and off they explode, so be very careful.
If you can, make rows of 5, hopefully with crops that have some extra points added onto them.
If you do set off your firecrackers though, all is not lost. Hopefully they will not explode onto your frogs and will land on your crops. If they do land on your frogs and they start hopping about, try and match as far away from them as you can. If you can’t, you will probably just end up having to keep replaying this level until it behaves. But it isn’t as difficult as it might look.
More annoying than overly hard. 

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