Farm Heroes Saga Level 50

Tips, Strategies and Video for Farm Heroes Saga Level 50 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Admins.

51Only 20 moves to match 8 flowers and 22 onions and suns. If you play it carefully it can be done. Even more!!!

Okey, we fot the grass at the borders, that could give us some score, but save that to Hero Mode, since the most efficient way to play Level 50 is to make matches beside the flowers first, you will remove a few suns and onions in that process, then when you have fully grown and picked flowers, you go for the big score and make 3 stars in Hero Mode! 8)

Remember, there is no time limit in Farm Heroes Saga, so there is absolutely no need to rush the moves! IF you make a move at the lower part of the board, you can gain far more than by making it up high

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  1. I collect 40 suns, 40 onions and the 8 flowers and it only gives me one star. What do I have to do to get the 3 stars?

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