Farm Heroes Saga Level 53

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Tips for Level 53 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Admins.

Level 53 in Farm Heroes Saga with some Damage already doneMoves: 24.

Task: Do 100% Damage. If you manage to do all the damage in lesser moves, you will get a higher score.

Oh No! Raccoon again!!! Collect enough Magic Beans at the earlier levels for full help (+2 damage) then match on the grass as much as possible to get better points.

Magic Beans required for +1 Damage is 1500 and for +2 Damage 3000. The Level is playable without using the Extra Damage, but very hard if you choose to do so.

Farm Hero Saga Level 53 Video uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe to get new clips for King games FIRST!

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11 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 53

    • That have changed, but you can get beans from friends now. If you have a full life when loading the game, the lives sent to you will be altered to 100 Magic Beans. :)

  1. I have tried several times, but the damage does not match what he is hit with. I am confused by that. I get a +12 on carrot matching, but his heart rating only drops 3. Am I missing something?

  2. love the game, level 53 is impossible, tried many many times, got out of beans quite soon, tried many many times without, not possible. How on earth does the counting work?
    Did after all buy some extra beans, no difference!
    Please help

  3. I am at level 53 and discovered I get the same results even when I used my magic beans. I guess I just have to wait and wait and wait until the right combination comes up and I can move on.

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