Farm Heroes Saga Level 54

Farm Heroes Saga Level 54 is REALLY REALLY HARD!

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20 moves to match your colour and get the chicks. Match 3 eggs to get a cracked one and match three cracked ones to make a chick. Try to match on the grass for better points. Use the Shovel Booster that you have bought with Magic Beans to give yourself some better odds to pass level 54. The shovel booster also removes the Eggs if they get in the way!

We also have a vid for Level 54 available in the Farm Heroes Saga Help group at In order to see the video you need to be a member of the group, but it is completely free to join and we are accepting all real persons into the group if you haven’t done something troublesome in some other group of course. :)

3 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 54

  1. I just want yall to know i have been stuck on leavel 54 for over a month I’m done it started out being a really good game but no luck at passing this level 54 so i’m sorry but i think i will return to farmville atleast u get help and can pass a level so unless i get help with this 54 i’m gone & i will also let my family & friend’s know also cause i’m ahead of them & not to waste there time & money cause u can’t pass this 54 thank u

    • There is a new feature in the game, that let your friends send you extra moves, those just might come in handy in order to pass level 54. :)

    • También he dejado de jugarlo por el nivel 54, la mayoría de los juegos llegas a un nivel imposible de seguir, ya aburren, este me gustaba porque aunque hay niveles complicados puedes pasarlo, pero este nivel 54 realmente me cansó, una pena

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